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Being Productive?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

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Being Productive? | Faith Permeating Life
I applied for three more jobs yesterday -- one copy editor/proofreader position, one career counselor position, one administrative assistant position. It's really sad how little confidence I have in my ability to get any of the positions. Once I'm in a job, I tend to impress my bosses and go above and beyond and all that until I'm told that I'm holding everything together, but getting the job itself seems to be the hard part. I once thought the same thing about being in a relationship -- that I made a good girlfriend, I just could never get a boyfriend. I guess that must have been somewhat true, since once I finally found a guy who pursued me, he stuck around long enough to marry me.

I'm starting to get anxious about this summer and our financial situation. Mike wants to get a job at a hospital once his quarter ends, and this may be our only ticket to getting an apartment before we're married, but trying to get him motivated to go after the jobs is a struggle. He's found one position he's planning to apply for, but if he doesn't get it, then what? Then nothing unless I find something else and make him apply for it, and I don't want to do that. Then he picks up maybe a day or two extra at the restaurant he works at, which isn't enough for us to pay for an apartment.

In other news, my face has become incredibly oily, and I don't know why. Is that a side effect of Retin-A? Take a perfectly normal face with pimples and turn it into an oily face with pimples? Because the pimples haven't budged.

I should really start using Wii Fit again. I did it during the school year, but now I haven't gotten back into it yet. It's not like I'm doing anything more valuable. I spent the entire day today moving my music from my iPod to my mom's laptop to my flash drive to my MacBook so I can get my iPod wiped and reformatted for my Mac at some point. Which I guess needed to be done, but I kind of feel like I wasted a day.

Day 8 of the diet, and I think my family has officially gotten back in the routine of wanting to get takeout and go out to eat on a regular basis. My mom made some awesome chicken chili soup tonight, though. And I should have leftovers from that for a few days at least.

Plan by the end of the week: Finish this video I'm editing and unpack my crap. Learn the song I'm supposed to sing at my friend's wedding in a month. Get started on learning the Chicago Manual of Style and racking up some hours on Distributed Proofreaders.

Let's go!


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