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Back Off, It's My Body

Sunday, May 10, 2009

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Back Off, It's My Body | Faith Permeating Life
The bridal shower yesterday wasn't too bad. For some reason, almost every dish for lunch had fruit in it -- jello with oranges, salad with fruit, chicken salad with grapes, a plate of fresh fruit. I picked around the fruit in the salad and the chicken salad and had some rice with peas and (I think) peppers. My good friend and middle school English teacher was standing next to me in line and made a comment about me not getting the jello (which was the first dish in the lineup), so I told her briefly about the candida because she always shares her latest health concerns with us so I figured it wouldn't be a big deal to tell her. Unfortunately, two other friends on the other side of the counter overheard bits of what I said and started saying, "What? What are you talking about? What can't you have?" So I explain to THEM, and then we go to sit down at the table and they ask me more questions, so all the other girls at the table say, "What? What? What kind of diet are you on? What's going on?"

In contrast, I went out last night with a few friends (three male, one female) to a bar (no one questioned that I didn't drink because I rarely do anyway, and I volunteered to be DD) and then to Friday's for late-night appetizers, where I said I wasn't having anything. My one girl friend, who had been at the shower, looked at the menu and said, "Can you have anything on here, Jess?" and I said, "No, it probably all has some sugar in it." Guy friend #1 says: "Wait, you can't have sugar? When did I miss this memo? You can't have sugar anymore?" I say: "It's just for the next two months." Guy friend #2 says: "For health reasons?" I say yeah. And they drop it! I love guy friends.

Having to tell people that I was unemployed over and over again at the party was kind of frustrating. I have found a few more postings I'm going to apply for, but I haven't had the discipline yet to do so. Mike has a lot of studying to do, so I'm going to make him go to the library with me. Probably not today, though, since it's Mother's Day. I still have a lot of unpacking to do (which is going very slowly because I don't really have any space to unpack the stuff to, but I need to get some of it out of the boxes so it's accessible).

It's frustrating to continually hear "It's who you know that gets you the job" because I don't know anyone. I'm a member of Chicago Women in Publishing and can start going to events now that I'm back in the state, but I'm not terribly good at socializing if I don't know at least one other person there. Guess I should work on that.


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