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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

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Correction: The acne on my chest has gotten worse.

I'm thinking it's just dried out, so I'm going to try doing the acne cream every other day and putting moisturizer on every day. It's bad enough to have acne visible in my wedding dress, but I don't want to be red/blotchy/peeling/etc.

My tongue is looking moderately better, so that's some encouragement that my diet is worth it. At the moment I'm planning to stay on it for two full months, but part of me is thinking I'll probably take a break from it for my friend's wedding June 20. I already have to miss part of my other friend's bachelorette party (the going-out-to-dinner part) and probably not enjoy much of anything to eat at her rehearsal dinner and wedding the week of May 30, and I don't want to remember both of my friends' weddings as being times when I couldn't eat anything they were offering me!

The video project is complete; the CD project is still underway (and will be for quite some time); and I've begun a new project as well. Mike has to make a genogram (basically a family tree) for a class, and so I used the software he got to make my own genogram, which required me to dig up a lot of family records we have. For my paternal grandfather's family and my maternal grandmother's family, we have a ton of information, so I'm planning to make separate genograms for both of these lineages as well (since there's no way all the info would fit on mine).

I did e-mail that woman at the library, though I'm not really expecting a response. I applied for another job today, an editorial assistant position with an academic journal, which I think I would really enjoy. Well, I pretty much think I'd enjoy any job I've applied for because I only apply for jobs I'm interested in. I just wish I would land at least one interview! I'm reassuring myself by thinking, well, I've only been seriously applying for jobs since I got home 2 1/2 weeks ago, and some companies can take several weeks to make a decision, so . . .

My mom and I (and my unwilling sister) went to Wal-Mart and Target tonight to see if they had the kind of wedding band I'm looking for, but no luck. Target had nothing, and Wal-Mart's only 2mm band is very flat, like the one I tried on at Kay. The problem is that my engagement ring is thin (like 1mm-2mm) but tall, especially at the top, where it's most visible, so it has a thickness off the finger of more than 1mm. The thinnest wedding bands they make are 2mm wide, but all the ones I've seen couldn't be more than .5mm thick, if that, so they almost look like they fit inside my (slightly loose) engagement ring, which is no good. We couldn't convince my whining sister to go to any more stores, so my mom and I are going to go to the mall while my sister's at school tomorrow.

Oh! We received our first wedding present in the mail on Monday. We wrote the thank-you right away, but are sending all of them out after the wedding. This way people don't know we've opened the gifts before the wedding, and also our thank-you cards say "Thank you for joining us" and have our married name so they're kind of meant to go out after the wedding. We have to buy some different cards to send to people who send us gifts but aren't attending the wedding.

73 days until the wedding! So far 48 guests have accepted and 19 declined -- let's hope the RSVPs keep coming steadily!


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