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Eating Out

Friday, May 8, 2009

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Eating Out | Faith Permeating Life
Today was the first time I've eaten outside the house since starting the diet. We went to the Museum of Science and Industry to see the Harry Potter exhibit (which was awesome). When we got to the food court for lunch, I looked around at the headings: Pasta (nope). Deli (no bread). Grill. I looked at the Grill menu and saw they had one option -- grilled chicken breast -- that was safe. I waited in a long line, got two chicken breasts, and covered them with tomatoes. Then I discovered that my mom had found another station -- Favorites -- that had mahimahi and vegetables. They looked really good. Guess that's what I get for not looking around enough.

We hadn't planned for dinner tonight, so my family's typical fallback is to go pick up takeout. I looked on several sites trying to figure out if there was ANYTHING sugar-free at any local place, and found nothing. There should be enough leftovers for me if everyone else has takeout, but my mom is being massively reluctant to go out and buy anything I can't have, so they haven't decided on anything. Mike is being supportive with this whole thing, but I can tell he's a little frustrated (he loves going out to eat), so I'm hoping that doesn't build up over the next few months while I'm on this diet.

It's a little frustrating trying to find information on candida (which I was doing while Googling things like "fast food anti-candida diet") because so much stuff out there is contradictory, and every "official" medical source will tell you that it's those "alternative medicine" people pushing anti-candida diets when there's no evidence that candida causes any of the things they say it does. But all you have to do is read page after page of forums where people found relief from an anti-candida diet to believe there has to be some truth to it.

The reason I originally decided to go on the diet was because I've had this throat-clearing thing for forever and found a forum where people with the same problem had been poked and prodded and tested by doctors for everything under the sun, and only people who were diagnosed with candida were able to cure the problem. But it's not exactly a constant problem, it just crops up now and again, so it's difficult to know if it's getting any better. I also have a white coating on my tongue, but don't know if it's actually a mild case of thrush or something else, but everything I've ever tried (brushing my tongue, scraping it, mouthwash) hasn't done a thing to change it, so I'm hoping that even if it's not candida, eating a healthier, sugar-free diet will make it better.

Tomorrow's a friend's bridal shower. It's scheduled for noon, so I have a feeling they're going to feed us snacks if not lunch. I hope it's not too awkward. They're guaranteed to have cake, as my friend LOVES cake, so that will suck to not be able to have any. Speaking of which, Mike and I have to try our wedding cake flavors next Friday, so I don't really have a choice but to break my sugar fast to at least taste them.

On another note, we got our first two online RSVPs today. I'm hoping we get a few every day -- it's exciting!


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