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First Interview!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

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First Interview!! | Faith Permeating Life
I got a phone interview! It's in a week and a half, although I'm paranoid that I misheard the woman when she said June 8th and that it's actually June 1st. So I'm going to prep just in case it's this Monday. It's for an office assistant position at a university downtown, which seems like a good fit for me. Not my dream job, obviously, but that's fine with me. It's just nice to know that I'm at least capable of landing an interview.

Mike and I were supposed to go look at apartments this morning, but apparently I don't wake up to his alarm, and he decided to turn off his alarm and go back to sleep, so we both woke up at 11. He was very sweet about it, took full responsibility, and offered to make me breakfast. He also said we could do something off the wedding to-do list with the time until he had to leave for work, so he sent some more we-need-your-address e-mails and we picked out our attendant gifts. I then stayed in my pajamas until about 5:15pm, semi-finished my dad's side family tree (it printed out at 9 sheets wide, 2 sheets high), and then showered and got dressed for my friend's rehearsal dinner.

There wasn't much option about what to eat at the dinner, and I'd forgotten to eat lunch, so I basically just relied at blissful ignorance and took my fill. It did give me a taste (no pun intended) of what eating after the diet might be like, though, because while I wasn't hyper-conscious of the sugar content of the food, I did try to make smart decisions down the line (corn vs. wheat tortilla, skip the potatoes) so as not to set myself back too far. My tongue seems to be worsening somewhat (after having improved), but I'm reminding myself that the whole reason I went on this diet in the first place is that I was sick of the incessant throat-clearing, and that seems much improved.

The VCR--Mac cord (Elgato Video Capture) came in the mail today, and Mike and I tried it out with an old home video he had with him. It's super easy to use -- you just play the tape in the VCR and it shows up on the Mac screen like at TV, with a "Record" button on the computer that records it all into an editable digital video file. I'm really excited to turn all of my family's old home videos into DVDs. There seriously are not enough hours in the day to work on all the projects I want to work on. I am through the I's in updating year and composer info for my iTunes library. I'll probably stay up a while longer and work on it until Mike gets home -- he went out with a group of my guy friends after the dinner to do who-knows-what. Hope he's having fun!

The first of my high school friends gets married tomorrow -- I can't believe it!


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