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I Love Fruit!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

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I Love Fruit! | Faith Permeating Life
Tonight I nearly broke down and cried because I was craving fruit so bad. Or anything sweet at all. My brother came home from college today and we celebrated his 21st birthday with an ice cream cake that I couldn't have, and I just wanted something to eat other than a tomato, avocado, or Triscuit. That's what's so tough about this diet -- the lack of crisp, sour/sweet foods. Practically everything is vegetable-y or dry. There's nothing to drink except water, basically. Or vegetable drinks.

I searched the anti-candida sites frantically and discovered that not only are berries allowed, they are encouraged on the diet because of their "anti-fungal properties." Blueberries to the rescue! I feel so much better now.

Another bridal shower tomorrow. Then I should have a break from social events until my friend's wedding (well, ok, the bachelorette party and rehearsal dinner the two days before). Not that I mind them, it just makes eating difficult.

I applied for another job today, writing and editing math curriculum (as well as other fun detail-oriented office work!). This one I would really enjoy, but since I don't really have a math background, I don't think I have much of a chance. They say all the candidate needs is "proficiency in math," but I have a feeling they'd pick someone with a lot of math courses over someone who didn't take any math courses in college because she (I) tested out of needing to take any. But we shall see.

It's weird to have all this time stretching out in front of me. To some extent it just feels like summer vacation, but then I'll catch myself and remember that I'm not going back to school until fall -- my schedule will stay open like this until I find a job. And then I have to remind myself I've only been home two weeks, and I just need to find a job before August.


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