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A Job-Hunting Deadline

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

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I have a new deadline to find a job: July 1.

My mom pointed out that most apartment leases start on the first of the month, and since we don't want one that starts on our wedding date, we need to move into an apartment on July 1. In all likelihood, I will have steady income by then, but if not, my parents will pay our rent until I find a job. And we may need to get on a waiting list soon for a July 1 apartment. Mike and I looked online for highly rated apartments and found some decent ones in the area for about $750/mo, which seems like a good price, at least for the year that we'll only have one of us really working. Mike jokingly asked why I get to be the one to move out, but he knows that my mom is driving me up the wall.

I finally remembered to call the dentist about the teeth I got filled a month ago that are still hurting me when I bite on them, and I got an appointment for tomorrow, which is good because my insurance is up on Sunday. Mike also took my prescription for more acne meds into the pharmacy this morning when he went to pick up his asthma meds. How is it the end of the month already? My friend's wedding is on Saturday. That's so weird.

Mike and I put together are "must-play" and "play-if-possible" playlists for the wedding a few nights ago, and my dad and I picked out our father-daughter dance song. We also had to fill out for the DJ the order of the pairs of bridesmaids and groomsmen, meaning we were forced to sit down and figure that out. It took probably half an hour, but we came up with an arrangement that we were both happy with. My male best friend and his female best friend are going to be standing right next to our matron of honor and best man, which I think is perfect. My little sister is right between the two of my friends she knows the best (other than my matron of honor, whom she knows very well); my two tall friends are in the middle together so neither of them feels awkward next to all my short bridesmaids; and, even though Mike insisted it wouldn't be a problem, his three best friends from grade school/high school have a buffer guy in between each of them so they don't give each other the giggles like they are apt to do in church.

Yesterday Mike and I talked about whether I should be following up more with the companies I applied to. My experience is that, other than the career place, people really don't want you to call them. At one place HR won't take outside calls; at another the website explicitly says not to call; at another I got the rebuff I recorded last entry. And with this economy, I would imagine they're getting bombarded with calls more than ever. The career advice columns and such always says don't call HR, call the hiring manager, but it's nearly impossible to get a hold of the hiring manager's number, and the front desk won't give it to you. It seems like the career advice columns are generally geared toward people in sales or that type of job. So I have to stand out in other ways. How? I thought my resume and cover letter, but even the best drafts of those can't give me years of experience I don't have.

Still, I shall persevere!


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