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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

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I'm reluctant to get back into blogging because it tends to turn me into an observer of life rather than an enjoyer. But with all the things I'm starting right now, I feel like I should have some track of my progress. So why not on the Internet, in front of everyone?

Today is day one(ish) of my new skin regimen (finally under the direction of a dermatologist), day three of my anti-candida diet, and day I-don't-want-to-think-about-how-many of trying to find a job. And it's 87 days until the wedding.

On Monday I went to the dermatologist for the first time and also got a free microdermabrasion and was talked into a not-free blackhead extraction. I got Retin-A that I'm supposed to start tonight, and supposedly the microdermabrasion will help the medicine work more quickly. Everything I've ever put on my face has made my acne worse or done nothing, so here's hoping. The microdermabrasion has 72-hour side effects that make my face look worse than it did before, so those should be gone by tomorrow. I'm not terribly hopeful on this front.

After untold years of a throat-clearing problem and what looks suspiciously like thrush on my tongue, I decided to self-diagnose with candida and go on the very strict anti-candida diet. My mom has been awesome in reading up on it and buying stuff I can eat. I probably should have gotten diagnosed by a doctor, but 1) a lot of doctors don't believe in candida, 2) I just left the only good doctor I've had in Ohio when I graduated, and 3) I'm not in a hurry to find another primary physician until I'm on some consistent health insurance.

This, of course, won't happen until I get a job. I first started applying for jobs last October, and got serious around January. This is a crappy time to be looking for a job, and even though I've got more to offer than a lot of new grads, I'm competing against a lot of more-experienced professionals who have been laid off. So far my focus has been on a few different areas I could see myself doing:
  • editing or something related in the publishing field (my dream job, which I've been prepping for with editing work for years now)
  • something in alcohol and drug abuse prevention education (I don't have a lot of options without a counseling degree, but I've done this kind of work for 2.5 years now and did my thesis on preventing college binge drinking)
  • some sort of career counseling position (I've taught employment interviewing for a full school year now, but the fact that I can't find a job myself doesn't speak too highly of my reputation)
  • research, particularly in the social sciences and/or public health (I've only found one job like this, though, which I haven't heard back about)
The job-searching efforts have been a little weak since moving back home on Sunday because I've been addressing wedding invitations (and hunting down missing addresses), working on our registries to get those squared away before the invites go out, buying shower gifts for my two best friends who are having their own bridal showers in the next week, and other wedding-related tasks. The goal is to get the invites, or at least most of them, out by tomorrow (maybe Friday) before the postage increase on Monday.

So that's where I'm starting from. Good luck to me!


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