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Thursday, May 14, 2009

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Yesterday I went to classes with Mike all day, which was a nice chance to get out of the house. He has all of his classes on one day, 9am to 8:30pm with breaks to eat. Met a lot of the people he talks about, including his two closest friends there.

I brought chicken chili soup for lunch and dinner, so that wasn't an issue, but in his morning class someone had brought donuts and they looked delicious. This diet, if nothing else, has taught me that I have an amazing amount of self-control. When my family went out to an Italian restaurant last Saturday, the loaf of bread was sitting in front of me the entire meal and I didn't touch it once. I miss warm, flaky bread. Yum.

My own job-searching efforts have been diverted to helping Mike find a job for when his quarter ends. I wish he could do it on his own, but I know that even getting him to update his resume and apply for multiple jobs is a huge step, so I'm not pushing it. He applied for four jobs, two of which he won't be qualified for until he gets retrained on CPR, but hopefully they won't throw out his application immediately.

Organized the whole basement bedroom today so it's now livable again. My brother will be home from college tomorrow so I'll have to stop sleeping in his room. It's nice to have the reorganization/unpacking finally done. I have a few more projects keeping me busy until I find a job. I like projects.

Cake tasting tomorrow!


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