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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

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I did a phone call follow-up on a job this morning. It was really nerve-racking, but I knew I had to because it's for a career counselor position and all career counselors teach that you have to make follow-up calls after you apply, so I figured I had no shot at the position unless they knew that I knew that. The good news was that because it is a career center, they didn't do what the first place I practice-followed-up with did, which was basically shut me down and say, "Everything is done through the website and I have no information on the position. Goodbye." The receptionist transferred me to the director, who said they were reviewing resumes and would do phone screens within the week. And she double-checked my name, which is a good sign!

In other good news, my face appears to be clearing up somewhat. I mentioned it somewhat tentatively when I was getting ready for bed, and Mike said he thought it looked way better. My chest, on the other hand, doesn't seem to be changing, which is unfortunate since my wedding dress is a halter. But the dermatologist said I might not see a difference for 6-8 weeks in either place, so I can give it some time.

I've created a kind of schedule for myself so my days aren't so unstructured. I get up somewhere between 8:30 and 9:30, eat breakfast, rack up 30 Wii Fit points, and shower. Then I complete at least one thing on my to-do list, which can either be applying for a job or something else if there's no job to apply for. Then I work on this flashcards I'm making to learn Chicago Manual of Style better, and then spend some time on Distributed Proofreaders. Once I've done all this, I can work on whatever I want to -- my "fun" project (in quotes because Mike thinks it's weird that I find this enjoyable) at the moment is, now that we have ALL of my CDs and ALL of his CDs imported into my computer, going through and including correct release dates and composers for all of them (and artists, if that got screwed up the first time).

Once my family gets their new iMac, and our Video Capture cord shows up, the next big project is going to be getting all of my family's old VHS tapes onto DVDs with menus and all that. That is going to be very fun for me. For some reason I greatly enjoy time-consuming tasks that have something awesome to show for it in the end. I wish there was a well-paying career where I could do projects like this. The closest thing I can think of is working at a library, but there's nothing I'm really qualified for at any of the libraries in the area. There is a cataloging associate job that sounds like something I would enjoy if I were qualified for it. I think I'll e-mail the person in charge and ask if there's any way I could volunteer and just learn the cataloging system.


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