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Monday, June 8, 2009

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Good News! | Faith Permeating Life
My phone interview seemed to go well today. I should know in the next week if they want me to come in for a face-to-face interview. I felt like I gave good answers to the questions. They didn't ask me a lot of "typical" questions, except for how I handle frustration/stress, so those will probably come in the face-to-face interview. They said they'll make the decision in the next few weeks, so that at least leaves the possibility of hearing about another job by then just to have a comparison. But we shall see.

Mike was awesome and did a practice interview with me this morning. On the phone. In the same house. Because he's that awesome.

I was out shopping with my mom this morning (found lots of delicious snack foods I can have! yay!) and was clearing my throat a lot, which hasn't happened in forever. That gave me hope that the candida die-off has started. Of course, this also caused me to start losing my voice, and I thought that was going to mean hell for my phone interview. But my voice was fine by the time I did the interview. It would make sense if my die-off was starting now, because from what I've read it generally takes at least a month, plus I just starting taking Candida QuickCleanse, so that should have started killing off all the weakened candida. So if that's the case, hooray! I'm still going to stay on the diet until the end of the month, but I hope this means I won't have to worry about going back to eating certain foods.

I'm probably not going to eat the way I did before the diet ever again. I'm too conscious now of everything that's in different food, especially processed food. Most likely the changes to my diet will be things like eating fruit and pasta again. And bread. My mom made banana bread again today. Smells sooooo good.

We got a call today that we can come put a deposit down on our apartment. They had to do some minor repair work and it will be ready by the weekend, so we're probably going to go on Saturday. They're being very laid-back about everything, which is awesome because it means that my dad doesn't have to co-sign our lease, he just had to sign to guarantee payments. So as soon as I have a job (which could be soon!), I can just start paying our rent payments.

Also, somebody from Mike's school is selling a barely-used queen bed (frame, boxspring, mattress) for $250. We're going tomorrow to give her half as a deposit and then will pick it up when she moves out in a couple of weeks. Now all we're missing is a good dining room table, but we decided to just use the free one from my parents with some folding chairs and then buy one once I'm moved in, so we only have to move it once.

The DVDs have been giving me minor problems, but I hope to have them fixed soon!


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