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Yesterday was Hell, Today is a New Day

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

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Yesterday was Hell, Today is a New Day | Faith Permeating Life
I am glad that the hellish day that was yesterday is over.

The morning, thankfully, was not that bad, aside from having to wake up at 6:30am. I pretty much had a nervous breakdown the night before because I was completely exhausted and had no idea how to get where I was going the next day. Mike was an angel and gave me incredibly detailed instructions, including printing off a map that included all legs of my trip. He dropped me off at the train station at 8; I took the train into the city, walked a few blocks to the L, swiped his card right where he told me to, took the L two stops over, walked a few blocks, and then took his suggestion to stop and catch my breath at a coffee shop. There was a Dunkin Donuts on the way, and the woman behind the counter gave me a cup of water, for which I was very grateful, and then a whole crowd of people came in so I wasn't awkward that I just took my free water and sat at one of their three chairs for the next 15 minutes.

The interview itself went fine; I don't know what they thought of me or what the other candidates are like, but I didn't walk out of there feeling like I said anything stupid or forgot to say something important. I said "um" more than I wanted to and probably more than I even realized, but I think my other nonverbals -- eye contact, posture, hand gestures -- were good. I asked a good number of questions. They said the projected start date is mid-July, which would be perfect as long as they don't mind me taking that week off for my honeymoon. But who knows if they'll even offer it to me.

Mike had spent a long time at home fighting with our error-ing GPS system, so he got there later than planned, which was fine because I just walked to Millennium Park and read, and we couldn't pick up the bed until noon anyway. We got there, loaded the bed on the truck, covered it with a tarp in case of rain, strapped it down, paid the person we were buying it from, and got on the road. No problems there.

Then we spent over two hours in stop-dead traffic because there was an accident. And it started pouring rain. The mattress, fortunately, didn't get that wet, thanks to the tarp, but the box spring underneath it got soaked on the sides. When we got home, we pulled in the garage, hoping the rain would let up while we ate lunch, which it didn't, so we carried the bed through the rain and into the house. We managed, with much difficulty and some paint scratches, to get the bed frame down to the basement, but the mattress and box spring wouldn't fit around the bend in the stairs.

...Edit...Too much bitching about other people...

Today I'm going to make myself some breakfast, do Wii Fit, shower, work on my family videos, and then get the hell out of here and go help my friend whose wedding is on Saturday. I still have 24 days until I move out. I'm just trying to conceptualize that time as the time I have left to finish these video projects.

Now the Internet's not working. Awesome.

I try not to wish for time to pass quickly given that life is short (for the extended explanation, see the movie Click), but I can't help but feel that I'm going to be in such a better place mentally and emotionally in about two months when I have an apartment, a job, and a husband.

EDIT: Just opened what I thought was finally the floor plan and the wine lists from the reception coordinator. It was only the floor plan -- and it was wrong!! It wasn't even close to what we talked about! Plus she said she was going to send us several options, and all she sent us was one copy of a floor plan that's not what we talked about! Aaaah!


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