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Wedding Stress Will Be the Death of Me

Sunday, June 14, 2009

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Wedding Stress Will Be the Death of Me | Faith Permeating Life
Mike and I had a nice, quick trip to Ohio and got to see his mom. We also got to see -- and stay with -- one of my bridesmaids, a friend from college I lived with for the past three years. We stayed up late talking and I realized how much I missed living with her. We had great conversations this past year when it was just the two of us in one house.

Good developments with the job search: Got a call for a face-to-face interview on Tuesday for the job I had a phone interview for last week. I applied for a job and sent in requests for freelance projects to a few places yesterday. I talked to a freelance editor yesterday who said it's possible to freelance while having a full-time job if you take on one project at a time and don't have other commitments (like kids) that could interfere with making deadline. I don't have any proof of any real competencies (like a degree in math) that would sell me as a copyeditor, so she suggested I start out asking for proofreading jobs and then show them I can catch content errors as well.

Frustrations with wedding planning: Home church priest, who is retiring in a few weeks, called last week to say we were missing paperwork. As far as I can tell, most of what we're missing, the school priest (who's presiding at our wedding) has, which he's been compiling because everyone we talked to at the home church (the staff, not the priest) said that was fine, whatever the school priest wanted to do. Home church priest gets annoyed at us for not telling him anything, not having the right paperwork, whatever. We say, we're going to Ohio and meeting with the school priest, we'll get the paperwork. Try for a week to get a hold of the school priest. Finally get a hold of him Thursday night, he's been out of town for a week and his phone was broken. Says he doesn't need to meet with us again, but will call the home church priest first thing in the morning, get a list of everything he needs, and drop it in the mail ASAP. He says he'll call me in the morning if there's any problem or any reason we need to come see him before we leave Ohio. Friday afternoon, we leave and drive back to Chicago. Saturday (yesterday) afternoon, go to church, see the home church priest, ask if the school priest called, he says NO and is not happy. So now what???

Additional frustrations: Reception coordinator promises a month ago to send us bill, floor plan, wine list. She forgets. I e-mail her. She mails us the bill only, which is for way more than they said. My mom calls her. She doesn't appear to see an issue with their wildly misleading us on the cost, promises to send us the floor plan and wine list. Still nothing. My mom keeps trying to mentally seat people at the reception as she finds out who's feuding and what not, and I really want to start putting together a seating chart, but I have no floor plan to base it on. So far we have 96 accepted, 57 declined, and almost 300 who haven't RSVP'd yet.

I've started having wedding dreams. Night before last, I dreamt about my friend's wedding that's coming up this weekend. It was 1:45pm and the wedding was at 2pm and 45 minutes away from our house (her wedding's actually at 10am, ours is at 2pm), I couldn't get my family out of the house to leave, I couldn't leave on my own because my dad had the invitation with the address, which he couldn't find, and he was trying to carry on a conversation with me about the news, utterly unconcerned that I was missing my best friend's wedding that I was supposed to be singing at, that would probably be over by the time we got there.

Then last night I had a dream that it was the day of our wedding and the entire bridal party was hanging out at our house. I was already dressed for some reason, and I had to go fix something in the basement, and nobody else would help me, and eventually Mike came down and helped me, and then I realized he wasn't supposed to see me in my dress but at that point it didn't really matter. I woke up and went back to sleep, and I dreamt about the rehearsal dinner, which was in this giant school-cafeteria-type room and my aunt was mad at me about something, and I was looking for my brother because I hadn't seen him in forever. (He's gone for the weekend, maybe that's why.) Anyway -- very weird. I need to call my friend and see how she's doing. I'm waiting to burden her with any matron of honor duties until she gets back from her honeymoon :)

Oh, Mike and I made a pumpkin pie last night. I've really wanted to make a dessert for myself since my mom keeps baking stuff I can't eat (she made cookies yesterday), but I just haven't had the time or energy. It had to set overnight and it's chilling in the fridge now, but hopefully I can eat it as soon as Mike gets home from work!

Current countdowns:
I can eat normally again: 17 days
I move out: 27 days
I get married: 48 days


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