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Diets Make Me Hungry!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

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Diets Make Me Hungry! | Faith Permeating Life
I feel like I'm perpetually hungry, and my choices of available food are limited. In a way I guess this is a blessing because I can't just absentmindedly snack all day long, but on the other hand my mom has been baking and buying all this delicious stuff, like chocolate chip banana bread muffins, mini cinnamon rolls, giant blueberry muffins, etc. I really miss baked goods. Even bread. I have to keep reminding myself that this is two months out of my entire life, and I only have 27 days of the diet left. I will definitely have a greater appreciation for food when I go off the diet. Even tonight at Subway, all I could get was a very basic salad, adding my own sugar-free dressing at home, and I devoured the entire thing until my stomach hurt. Now I'm hungry again.

I spend all day doing stuff, yet I feel like I've done nothing at the end of the day. Today my mom and I went to compare the different groom vest colors to my wedding dress (the very nice woman at the dress shop showed us that Mike needs an ivory shirt as well as an ivory vest). Then I mostly worked on transferring VHS tapes onto the iMac the rest of the day, while working on my iTunes library and doing an hour of Distributed Proofreaders. I e-mailed our wedding coordinator at the reception place to get all the info we're missing. I applied for yet another job. What do I have to show for it all at the end of the day? Not much.

Tomorrow I plan to make the business cards I need for a networking breakfast I'm going to on Saturday. Then I'll at least have something tangible to show Mike when he gets home from work. I have other projects that I need his help with, but I'm going to wait until he's done with his finals next week. Then he'll just be working at Bob Evans most of the week and not have anything to do in the evenings. I will be sitting at home all day as usual. Or maybe I'll land a job in the next week. Who knows? I still have that interview on Monday.

Yay, Mike's home!


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