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I Have a Job!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

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I Have a Job!! | Faith Permeating Life
What a busy past week!!

Biggest news: I got offered the job I interviewed for last week. THANK GOD! I'm actually really excited about it because I think it will be a very fun environment to work in. I'm going to have two weeks to train with the person in the position now, which eases my nerves a little bit about my ability to do the job. I haven't accepted yet because I want to make sure I get together any questions I have and ask them those (including whether it will be a problem to take off the week for my honeymoon). But the salary offered is about the highest I was hoping for for my first job out of school, which helps me feel better about our ability to support ourselves during Mike's second year of school.

My best friend (one of my best friends!) got married this past weekend. The ceremony and reception were absolutely beautiful and perfect for the two of them. They've been dating for about 8 years (since high school) so it wasn't at all weird to think about them as married because they've been permanently paired in my mind for so long. Three other friends and I sang "The Prayer" at the ceremony, and we were all very happy with how it went.

I took a one-day break from my anti-candida diet so that I could enjoy their wedding cake (which was really, really good!!). That night I was clearing my throat incessantly, which I'm thinking may be because of the food, but could also be because I was losing my voice anyway from singing for about four straight hours the day before (minus the 45 minutes we were stuck in traffic on the way to the rehearsal) and talking in a loud restaurant for the rehearsal dinner. I was losing my talking voice and clearing my throat at the wedding in the morning from all of that the night before, so really I have no idea what's going on. I went back on the Internet and got frustrated like I usually do by all the contradictory information about candida. I told Mike I would go off the diet July 1, but I think I'm going to have to stay somewhat on the diet just to keep the throat thing under control for a while, at least until I get health insurance back and can go to the doctor to get another opinion.

Now that my friend's wedding is done, we've kicked wedding planning into high gear in my house. Mike and I bought a ton of stuff last week (guestbook, ribbon for the cake, placecards, thank-you notes, gift bags for our attendants' gifts) and my mom picked up the cake topper we wanted yesterday. I made Mike make decisions on all the guests whose addresses we still didn't have (either find a new way to get their address or we're taking them off the list), and I've started our seating chart. We got everything straightened out (more or less) with the reception place, so we at least have a correct floor plan put together. At some point I need to add some more detail to my master schedule and get that to all our vendors so we can make sure everything's straight in everyone's minds.

The VHS-DVD project is on hold because the files apparently got corrupted in iMovie, so I'm probably going to have to redo all the projects. I started on a new project, which is getting all of my and Mike's digital pictures from college printed so I can get them in albums and get pictures of my friends' weddings in albums before our wedding. I don't know if it will happen, but that's the goal.

Overall things are good but very, very busy!!


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