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Sunday, June 7, 2009

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Things are getting back to normal a bit. The painters are gone, so I could start doing Wii Fit again, except I majorly pulled a muscle or something in my leg so I can barely walk on it, much less test my balance on the Wii. Boo. But I'm going to try to get back into my schedule of 1 hour Chicago Manual of Style, 1 hour of Distributed Proofreaders a day.

The breakfast went really well yesterday. In some ways I actually feel like it was practice for my interview tomorrow because I was able to bring up different stories at appropriate times and tell them briefly and coherently, which is what I tried to teach my students to do when talking about past jobs or projects on an interview. There were six other members there, some employed full time and some not, and we mostly talked about social media. I actually felt very comfortable jumping into the conversation with ideas or things I'd read or heard about. I also got a couple leads on places to possibly apply, and one of the co-leaders said she'd send me information on the people in the organization who work there or have contacts there. I sent e-mails last night to a few people I'd met so I hopefully don't lose those connections.

When Mike got home from work, we went with my parents back to the apartment we liked so we could put in an application. My parents were very happy with the area and the complex, and when we found out we couldn't get the smaller 1BR apt. in a building with indoor stairs, we opted for the bigger 1BR (still cheaper than anyplace else we looked), which made my mom feel better. So we actually have an address now, which is an amazing thing. We set the move-in date for July 11th, since we'll be out of town the weekend before, and the weekend after Mike and I are going to his mom's house, so we can rent a U-Haul and get all of his old furniture while we're there. When we got home we re-did the construction paper diagram and moved our paper furniture around for a while to get a setup we were pretty happy with.

We picked up the $25 tables when we got back from the apartment, and they are great. We spent a long time looking online for dining room sets -- we have a little kitchen table, but no chairs, that we can take from my parents, but now that we have a bigger apartment we can fit a bigger table. We found one for $60 from someone in the area, so I e-mailed to ask if we could just look at it. They didn't post dimensions, but it fits six chairs, so it's gotta be decent.

My mom got a call yesterday from our parish priest that we're apparently missing a bunch of paperwork for the wedding that nobody told us we needed to do, and it wasn't in any of the materials the church gave us. Fortunately we still have time, but we need things like certified copies of our baptismal certificates, which we already got and gave to the priest who's actually doing the ceremony, so I don't know if we need to order more copies, or what.

Additionally, we finally received the (very late) info from the reception place, and it didn't have half of the stuff it was supposed to. We were supposed to get wine lists, floor plans, etc., and all we got was a bill, which was for way more than they had indicated it was going to be. My mom called our contact there, who I'm sure is out or busy for the weekend, so hopefully we'll hear back tomorrow.

Now that I have a moving date, I mentally divided up projects that I can do after I move and those that have to be done here, and basically I'm going to focus solely on getting our home videos onto DVDs before I move. I'm having an issue with iDVD that apparently other people are too (movie starts playing before the menu even though it's set not to), but can't find any answers. I can still get the tapes onto the computer, though. Yay projects!


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