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Friday, June 5, 2009

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Things are moving forward.

Mike and I looked at apartments today. We found three that we liked, and the one that had the highest ratings on apartmentratings.com (80% -- unheard of!) was also the cheapest and in a nice area, so duh, we're going to take it. My mom was obsessing over how small the bedroom was on the floor plan and trying to compare it to other apartments even though we'd already 100% made our decision. Mike made a construction paper floor plan with little furniture to show that everything fits. We are getting from my parents a double bed (until we can afford our own queen), a couch, a dining room table, and two DVD shelves (all stuff they're getting rid of because they like to buy new stuff); from Mike's old bedroom stuff there's a computer desk, a dresser, a nightstand, and a bookshelf; and we found a coffee table and end table set online for $25, which is basically all we were missing.

On the way home from looking at apartments we started talking about budgeting. We decided that even though I don't have a monthly income yet, we can figure out approximately how much our monthly expenses would be and how much I would need to make for us to be able to put away some savings every month. That should help me set standards for my salary negotiation as well.

I'm starting to feel this growing anxiety in the pit of my stomach, and I'm not entirely sure where it's coming from. I know part of it is the fact that I have this networking breakfast tomorrow morning that I'm horribly nervous about because I want to make a good impression to hopefully help me land a job (not to mention that I will have to find something I can eat on this diet). My hope is that they don't get new members very often so they will ask me lots of questions. Answering questions I can do. Thinking of thoughtful questions to ask other people, I suck at.

My job search in general is psyching me out a little bit. I'm starting to get anxious about my phone interview on Monday, and I figured out today that since I graduated I have applied, on average, to one job every two days. One job every two days! And only one interview! This makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong. Considering that, as part of my teaching job, I read everything I could get my hands on for an entire school year regarding job-hunting advice, if there's something I'm not doing, or doing wrong, I can't imagine what it is.

Also, despite Mike's insistence that my face looks better, I think it looks like crap, and I have a giant pimple on my forehead.

And even though I have this "super-healthy" lifestyle, my menstrual cycle has decided to become massively f-ed up this month.

I'm going to bed so I'm not exhausted for this breakfast tomorrow. Maybe things will look better from tomorrow.


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