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Time is Flying By as I Sit Patiently

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

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Time is Flying By as I Sit Patiently | Faith Permeating Life
I've gotten a little bit off-track with stuff. Due to wedding/other events, I ate intelligently but not strictly on my diet for three days, and the throat clearing came back. I ran out of some of my vitamins and other supplements. We're having the family room painted due to everyone coming here for the wedding, so the TV where I do Wii Fit is under plastic dropcloths. But I should be back on track soon, and I have been accomplishing things, so that's good.

My friend's wedding was nice. The whole thing seemed kind of unreal, and I can't really think of my friend as married yet. People kept asking if we were "getting ideas" for our own wedding, but the answer was, not really. We have most everything planned. If anything, there were a few moments where I was grateful we're doing things the way we are (e.g., having vegetarian options for dinner, doing the cake cutting where the cake is visible to everyone, not choreographing our dances).

It turned out I did not mishear the woman on the phone, and the phone interview was not yesterday, so it is on June 8th. I feel I will be very prepared by then. Mike has a final on June 10th that I'm going to help him study for in the next week, so we can prep for my interview too. Maybe I'll land another interview in the next week, too . . . well, I can hope.

I sent out seven more invitations today to people whose addresses we just got or whose I found. So far we have 64 accepted, 40 declined, waiting on 345. Our deadline is July 1, so I have a feeling we'll get a rush at the end of the month. Then I can start on the seating chart. For that I need the floor plan from our coordinator at the reception place, who I'm pretty sure forgot about us, so I need to e-mail her tomorrow. Tomorrow my mom and I are also borrowing white and ivory vests from our very nice local Men's Wearhouse to take to the bridal shop to compare to my dress, because neither of us can remember the exact shade well enough, and Mike is afraid if his vest is whiter than my off-white dress it will make my dress look dull. He is very thoughtful.

Supposedly we're going to look at apartments on Friday. I really hope we just find something that we can run with. I can't wait to move out of here.

In 60 days we'll be married!


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