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Saturday, June 27, 2009

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Updates on Everything | Faith Permeating Life
Updates on everything:

Job: I called and accepted. No problem getting the week of the honeymoon off. They're super nice there. Even offered to see if I could fill out my hiring paperwork with my married name to save the hassle of changing it a few weeks later, but of course that wouldn't work because I don't exist with my married name at the Social Security office yet. I spent an hour or so the other night working out the daily commute for Mike and me--we'll be driving to the train station together and taking the train to the city before going our separate ways.

Candida: Who knows anymore. I think I'm kidding myself if I say that the throat-clearing I'm doing nowadays is significantly improved from before I started the diet. I'm supposed to go off it in a few days. Now that I will have health insurance soon, I think I'll go be poked and prodded at the doctor and see what s/he can make of it. At least I'll know I tried it my way first.

Acne: Going to the dermatologist on Monday. I feel like everything magically cleared up in the past 24 hours, which I'm concerned is temporary and will only last long enough for the dermatologist to see me and send me on my way. My chest area still has bumps, but they don't seem as noticeable anymore. And my face has some red spots, but I think those are mostly scars from earlier years of picking at my face. So I guess, assuming this lasts, the progress here is good.

Wedding: I've given up on getting the priest stuff straightened out before the home church priest retires. Either the school priest's phone is broken again or he just sucks at returning phone calls. Mike's been awesome about going shopping for wedding stuff--I think we've bought everything we needed to buy, and night before last we ordered all of our gifts for our attendants (which I'm hoping turn out awesome). The main things on my to-do list right now involve people returning phone calls: The priest. The reception coordinator. The florist. The babysitter. And the wedding coordinator at church needs to send me electronic copies of our music so I can put the worship aides together. We're going out of town next week for the Fourth of July weekend and I have a feeling things are going to kick into major high gear with wedding stuff once we get back. Particularly since I'll be moving and starting my job soon after. Eek!

Projects: iMovie corrupted the file that had my home videos, so I took a break from that project since I'll have to start over with labeling everything. Instead, Mike and I organized and dated all of our electronic copies of our digital pictures from the time we started college to now, and then got all 3200 pictures printed and bought 18 albums to put them in. We picked them up yesterday and started getting them sorted and labeled so they'll be ready to go in albums. I'm going to work on that tonight while he's out at his bachelor party :)

Time to switch out laundry loads and then read my benefits info from my new job. Life never slows down!


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