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Aaaaah Moving Stress!

Friday, July 10, 2009

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Aaaaah Moving Stress! | Faith Permeating Life
To some extent, I'm thankful that I'm moving so close to the start of my new job, because the stress of moving has almost entirely usurped the stress of starting my job. The stress of moving also encompasses the stress of attempting to get done everything I possibly can before moving.

Mike and I finished our 18 photo albums of the 3200 digital prints from the last 5 years (plus my mom's 400 or so duplicates of her own pictures that we added to the pile). It was a huge relief to have that done. Unfortunately, labeling that many pictures caused me to strain a muscle in my hand, which has made it exasperatingly difficult to attempt to do things like pack. As of this morning, however, it seems to be mostly healed.

It turns out that the files in iMovie weren't corrupted; instead, the entire program is broken, basically. So even loading completely new videos on the computer and importing them iMovie doesn't fix the problem that they're impossible to work with in the Project window. Last time I called Apple Care, when this happened on my own computer, they gave me some B.S. response, as did the guy when I took my laptop into the Genius Bar, but when Mike called for my parents' computer, they took him seriously. So I would like him to call again to tell them that the whole program is busted and maybe they can send us another copy of the software or make a patch or something, but he thinks they're not going to be able to do anything, so apparently the solution is to just ignore it and/or wait a year until the next version comes out. In other words, I will have to try my luck calling them today, since I'm moving out tomorrow.

I talked my dad into not having the driveway resurfaced this week, which it turns out we couldn't have had done anyway because 1) it rained and 2) the company forgot to tell my dad he needed to get a permit first. So that simplifies things a lot, since we were going to have to park the moving truck on the street and carry things across the front lawn to it. Also, I recruited three friends to help on Saturday, which is awesome because my brother is leaving for the weekend and Mike is at work most of the day Saturday.

In wedding news, we're down to about 80 missing RSVPs, with 190 guests accepted. I don't think we're ever going to get down to zero missing RSVPs because people are dumb and don't respond to phone calls/texts/e-mails asking if they're coming, and this makes me a little nervous that somebody's going to show up without telling us they're coming. You wouldn't think so, but just last night I was talking to Mike's grandma, who asked, among other things, why her nephew and his wife didn't get an invitation to our rehearsal dinner even though they're coming to the wedding. I said, because we had no idea they were coming to the wedding! They never RSVPed! Sheesh.

Lots of packing still to do today. I have this fear of bringing boxes of miscellaneous items into our apartment because I'm so determined to organize everything, but I think it's going to have to happen, and I'm just going to keep a box open to chuck stuff in that I want to donate or put in storage at my parents' house. Fortunately there are still a few weeks until Mike moves in, so we have a few weeks to bring stuff back and forth between our apartment and my parents' house as needed. Of course, we can do that after we're married as well, but my dream is to have the apartment beautifully organized by the time Mike moves in. I don't mind Mike being messy as long as everything has a place I can put it back in; he doesn't mind me being obsessively organized as long as I don't get on his case about not keeping everything in its place. So it works.

Also, it's probably going to take a few days to get the Internet setup installed, so I will have three whole days after moving in before starting work to just organize the apartment and get myself ready to start work. We won't have all the furniture yet -- we still need a bookshelf, a computer desk, a dresser, a nightstand, and a TV stand from Mike's mom's house -- but I can at least group things where they're going to go.

Aaaah everything happening at once!

Finish Line! (and Budgeting)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

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Finish Line! (and Budgeting) | Faith Permeating Life
I made it to July 1! I am no longer strictly on the anti-candida diet. I've decided that even if I didn't 100% fix whatever's wrong with my body, my body ought to be in a lot better shape than it was two months ago simply from eating well, exercising often, drinking lots of water, taking vitamins, all of that. All things I plan to continue doing.

I went to the dermatologist on Monday. She said most of what she saw on my face was redness from acne that was there, and she said that should fade. So my face, and to some extent my chest, should look a lot better in my wedding dress than if I hadn't started the Retin-A. The dermatologist is moving to Pennsylvania, and I'm moving, obviously, so the plan now is to just use my prescription stuff until it runs out maybe six months from now, and then find a dermatologist around the area where I'll be living if I feel I need to.

I'm really trying not to stress about getting things done. It just feels like there's so much to get done in so little time. But I know it will work out. Even after I start working, Mike can take care of wedding stuff, just like he did when I was in Ohio. And yes, I want to get these video projects and these photo projects done before I move out and start work, but if that doesn't happen, I will find time to finish them after I move. Or even after we get married, as much as I'd like our albums to be done before the flood of wedding photos.

Mike and I worked out an estimated monthly and yearly budget yesterday. For the past year, whenever I've talked about being concerned about money (usually in the context of trying to get him to look for another job), his response has always been that we're going to live very simply and we would be fine (to which my response was that he was underestimating how much our cost of living would be). So when we put together the budget, we put in basically the minimum that we would need to spend, assuming things like several hundred dollars a year for car maintenance/repair, assuming the need to buy clothing or shoes at some point in the year, etc. And we came out $4,000 more than my annual salary. Hmmmmm, see why I'm worried now?? In actuality, I'm not too worried, because I know we'll have some income from his weekend job and we'll get some money from the wedding, and we have enough in savings that we will have an emergency fund, we just won't be able to sock away lots of savings the way he kept insisting we would be able to. We'll need to cut coupons, and we're both looking into transit reimbursement from our school and work, which is a big part of our budget. We'll be able to make through the next year fine, and after that Mike will have a salary as well. What I don't want to do is make temporary sacrifices and then increase spending once we have that second income.

Deep breath. Big sigh. All will be fine.
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