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The Mini-Sagas of Married Life

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

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The Mini-Sagas of Married Life | Faith Permeating Life
My husband makes me laugh sometimes.

He goes grocery shopping. I see that he has bought me raspberry jam.
Me: "Oh, thanks. I usually buy raspberry preserves, but this works just as well."
Mike: "Sorry, next time you can get preserves."

I use up the last of the raspberry jam. Again, he goes grocery shopping by himself. Again, he comes home with raspberry jam.
Me: "Babe, remember I like the preserves more than the jam?"
Mike: "No way, I specifically looked at the empty jar you had rinsed out to make sure I got the kind you liked and it said raspberry jam."
Me: "Yes, because last time you went grocery shopping you bought me raspberry jam and I asked you to get preserves next time."
Mike: "Ok, sorry."

I have used up the raspberry jam. Mike is going grocery shopping.

Pre-grocery shopping:
Me: "Could you please get me raspberry preserves?"
Mike: "Sure."
Me: "Please get preserves this time."

Post-grocery shopping:
Mike is putting away groceries and I see him with the jar in his hand.
Me: "What did you get this time to go on my sandwiches?"
Mike: "...what?"
Me: "What is in your hand?"
Mike: "Raspberry preserves. I looked all over for raspberry jam but they don't sell raspberry jam so I got raspberry preserves."
Me: "But I wanted preserves. Thank you."
Mike: "NO, I always buy you preserves and you always tell me that's wrong and that you like jam."
Me: "Other way around. You bought jam the last two times."
Mike: "NO, I bought you raspberry preserves last time."
Me: "Look in the recycling bin."
Mike: "What?"
Me: "Look in the recycling bin for the jar I just used up."
Mike reaches in and pulls out a raspberry jam jar.
Mike: "What the -- they don't sell jam! I looked all over for jam! Oh man . . ."
Me: "Thanks for my raspberry preserves!"


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