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Incompetent Service: Update

Monday, May 24, 2010

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Incompetent Service: Update | Faith Permeating Life
I arrived to the building where the event was taking place that we needed the boards for this morning. One of the people in charge of the event pointed out the supplies to me, and the boards looked the wrong size.

I asked, "That's what they delivered?"

He said, "No, they didn't deliver anything. I pulled this from our supply closet."

I stood there with my mouth hanging open for a few seconds, then pulled out my phone and called the store.

"How may I direct your call?"

I gave the name of my contact in Customer Service.

A few minutes of bad hold music passed.

"How may I direct your call?"

Seriously? I told them who I was holding for, and they said she wasn't in. "Then, anyone in Customer Service," I said.


"How may I direct your call?"

I nearly lost it at this point. "I'm holding for Customer Service."

"This is Customer Service."

Then why the &#%$ didn't you say that? "I'm calling about a delivery that was supposed to be made Friday and was apparently never made."

She took down my name and phone number (the one on record -- my office phone -- and my cell phone number). She said she'd call the delivery manager and get back to me.

At this point, we had no choice but to pull out some used boards (the boards were being used as dry erase boards for artwork) and erase them. Not what we wanted to do, but we had no choice at that point.

The event started. About half an hour after my initial call, I got a call back. There was no record of my order.

"Was this an Internet order or...?"

"No, it was a phone order. I spoke to three different people on the phone on Wednesday and Thursday and gave all of my order information."

We went through an exchange about Edwin, the second person I'd spoken to. She asked for a last name, and I thought she meant my last name, but she meant Edwin's last name. She couldn't figure out who I'd spoken to. Did I know Edwin's last name? No -- why would I know that?

She looked up my phone number again. No order on record. My phone was cutting out.

"I'm losing you. I'll call you right back--" was the last thing I heard her say.

Finally, 20 minutes later, she called me back. She had an answer. The delivery men, rather than calling the person they were supposed to call to come down and get the boards, had left the boards with the security guard downstairs.

I raced to the elevators. Sure enough, down in the lobby, there were our boards, tucked behind the security desk. The guard was glad I'd come to claim them -- "We didn't know who these belonged to."

So an hour after I initially called the store, after we'd already erased our old boards, we had 12 blank boards. Useless.

And yeah, when I checked back in the office? My receipt has tax on it.

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  1. Wow. People amaze me sometimes with how they can keep their jobs when they don't really do them.


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