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Another Moment of Married Life

Sunday, February 27, 2011

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Another Moment of Married Life | Faith Permeating Life
Last night at church (Mike works on Sundays so we go to Saturday night Mass), Mike and I got the giggles.

For the benefit of non-Catholics, a brief explanation: About two-thirds of the way into Mass, we sing a song generally referred to as the "Holy, Holy" (or Sanctus) and then kneel for the rest of the Liturgy of the Eucharist until standing for the Lord's Prayer.

Well, we were nearing the end of the "Holy, Holy," when Mike nudged me. I looked over, puzzled, and saw he was halfway through lowering the kneeler. It was poised to land on my foot, so I quickly moved my foot and he finished setting it down.

We sang the last few lines and then the rest of the congregation lowered their kneelers and we all kneeled down. I whispered to him, jokingly, "Were you trying to beat everyone else?"

He laughed and said, "I didn't want to crush your toes!"

I looked at him, puzzled, and then said, "Then... why didn't you just wait until I was ready?"

He then realized how ridiculous his statement -- and his action -- were and busted up in silent laughter, which set me off. For the rest of the Liturgy of the Eucharist, we had to avoid eye contact, and every time I could hear him quietly snorting I would start giggling again. It was terrible and hilarious all at the same time.

I think we were already in kind of a silly mood because it's the weekend for the "Annual Catholic Appeal," where we had to listen to a recording by our archbishop and then we all got forms and little golf pencils and the priest read directions for filling out the form in a way that reminded both Mike and me of taking standardized tests. Essentially we're asked to make a pledge of money to the archdiocese that can be paid throughout the next year. I've mentioned before that I have no problem contributing to our church because they provide a service for us -- Mass -- and because I believe in the importance of tithing in general.

But Mike and I agreed that we didn't want to contribute to the archdiocese, particularly as our archbishop (Cardinal George) was until recently president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, which has made some really stupid statements about gay people and gay marriage. So we listened to this whole spiel about where to put our credit card number, and Mike joked about how we should say we're paying our $0 in installments, and we were just in a pretty silly mood to begin with.

It's days like these that I love being married to my best friend.


  1. Ahhh, the annual appeals. They leave a bad taste in my mouth, but more because of the whole sex abuse scandal cover ups. People were giving money, thinking they were helping those in need, not to pay off settlements and the like. Not that those weren't deserved, but find other ways to pay for your crimes.

    Even though my husband and I practice in the Byzantine church (his rite, I'm Roman by birth), we don't give to the Bishop of the eparchy, either. We prefer to keep our money close to home, helping those in need, and where we can see it actually being used.

    Glad to see that there are others out there thinking/acting similarly! I think this is my first comment, btw. I like a lot of what you have blogged about and always mean to comment, but can't at work. Thanks for your comment on my blog a few weeks ago :)

  2. @Rabbit
    Thanks so much for commenting! I completely agree about being able to see your money being used. It just makes me sick to think about my money going to fund things I'm totally against or, like you said, things that really should be paid for by others.

    We also don't give our entire tithe directly to the church--some of that 10% goes toward supporting a child through World Vision and then we pick one other charity every month. To me, that's kind of like, "Here's what I wish the church was doing with my money... so I'll just give to them myself." :)


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