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A Guide to My Lunch (and a Work Update)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

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I have the best husband ever.

Tuesday night he got home from working a double shift, read my blog post, and proceeded to stay up and make me a detailed plan for how to pack my lunch.

Check it out:

A Guide to My Lunch (and a Work Update) | Faith Permeating Life

And now you know what I eat for lunch every day. And that my husband is amazing.

That's all for tonight -- I need to get some sleep. One quick update about work, though: My "pseudo-boss" is finally going to be my actual, official, direct supervisor, which is kind of funny because I've been informally reporting to him for over a year now, but it's nice to have the last piece in place now (i.e., my title, salary, and boss all match what I've been doing for the past year anyway). Also, some of my miscellaneous responsibilities (like ordering coffee and office supplies) are going to be transferred to someone new when we hire him/her, which is awesome.

Good night!


  1. I love the diagram! Is it now a laminated poster on your kitchen wall?

    It's funny how sometimes a task that seems simple to Person A can be weirdly difficult for Person B, but a clearly written/drawn explanation that A creates for B can work wonders to remind B what to do. One of my most valuable tangible representations of my partner's love for me is a business card that says:

    Suffering needlessly is not "being good."
    [picture of sad face taking lightning bolt to the head]
    [picture of steaming mug]
    [picture of happy face]
    Treat your headache now.

    He made it out of frustration that I was allowing myself to slide into hours of horrible pain by telling myself I "should" not drink so much coffee. While I do still struggle with this (I suspect migraine is a form of psychosis; it twists my reasoning so convincingly), that reminder tacked on my bulletin board at work has done a LOT to stop me from delaying coffee during the work day.

  2. @ 'Becca

    Love it! That is one of the great blessings of having a partner--they see our weaknesses and help us compensate for them :)


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