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The Happiness Project: March is Preparedness Month

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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The Happiness Project: March Is Preparedness Month | Faith Permeating Life

It's March 1st, and you know what that means: Happiness Project check-in time!

First, a look back at January: I'm still taking my vitamins and flossing every day. Mike bought Wii Fit Plus, which has saved me time on my workouts because I can set up a half-hour routine and not have to waste time picking each activity and having it re-calibrate each time. On the other hand, I've roped him into doing it with me, so it still takes a decent chunk of time between the two of us. Worth it, though -- today I was standing at a weird angle with my leg tensed and bent down to scratch it, then went, "Holy crap, is that my leg muscle?" It's rock hard!

February was for creating a mental framework about where I am in my life. And yes, OK, I had heard Scott Smith say it hundreds of times, but as soon as I started "doing my homework" things started to change rapidly. I can't even share everything because some things aren't for sure yet, but quitting my editing program was one result of re-evaluating my goals and how my life aligned with them. Also, writing down things I was looking forward to made it clear very quickly that 1) I wasn't looking forward to enough things and 2) most of what I was looking forward to involved things being over. Like, "In the next week, I'm looking forward to this commitment at work being done." So I'm working to change that.

Also, Carla made a good point on my February post of being mindful of how time is spent online. I now ask myself a very simple question: "Are you checking or doing?" If I'm actively doing something, fine. If I'm just checking my e-mail, Facebook page, Twitter feed, etc., it's time to find something else to do.

There is one thing that has made the biggest difference in my day-to-day happiness, and that's a direct result of my realization of why I'm stressed at work: a heated throw that I wear over my lap and legs. For the first time in way too long, I am no longer freezing all day long at work. Some of my coworkers teased a bit, but they quickly became jealous while walking around with their coats on, warming their hands on the floor's heaters (during the rare moments they're actually on). And it has significantly increased how much I look forward to going to work every day. I didn't realize how much I dreaded going to work and freezing all day until I got the electric blanket. Now I look forward to spending my day analyzing data accompanied by my blanket and a cup of tea.

So now it's March. March 9 begins the season of Lent for many people (myself included), and so it seemed appropriate to devote this month to Preparedness. This ties most strongly into the commandments "Do it before it's too late," "Assume mistakes," and "Prioritize right." I have three daily tasks:
  • Make sure I have everything before leaving home. Mike usually makes my lunch (he is gung-ho about being domestic, and I'm not one to complain), but on the days I have to make it, I always forget something. Usually either a fork for my salad or a napkin, but the last time I remembered both of those and forgot my fiber bar. I eat the same thing for lunch every day, so it wouldn't be that difficult to make myself a list of everything that goes in my lunch. I also need to force myself to write reminders or schedule text messages or whatever I need to do on days that I need to bring something special with me. Things go out of my mind if they're not written down.

  • Repair things immediately. Before I even wrote this post I forced myself to sew up a pair of my tights that got a hole in them. I'm terrible about procrastinating when something needs to be fixed (especially if fixing it requires buying something), but it's important. Mike prodded me into buying a replacement battery for my pedometer, which has been dead for over a year, and now I'm wearing it again and being more conscious of walking enough each day.

  • Save my work even if I don't think I need to. This is another weak area for me. I hate clutter, even electronic clutter, so if I can convince myself I'm just typing something up temporarily (to paste into an e-mail or to reformat something to print out and take to a meeting), I don't always save it. Then inevitably either the program will crash before I'm done, or someone will ask for an electronic copy. So my goal is to save every new document before I add a single word to it.

I also have two one-time goals for this month, and I was happy to discover I'd already completed one of them, which was doing my taxes. My dad has TurboTax and did our federal taxes, so I can't claim any credit for that one (except for getting all the files together for him ahead of time), but we had to do our state taxes ourselves and I made myself just sit down and file them on Sunday. So that's all taken care of.

The second goal is to create an emergency plan. Ironically (or maybe not), I have more plans in place to protect our stuff than to protect us. I have a fireproof lockbox that has our vital documents in it, and my computer files get backed up automatically to Mike's computer. I have all of our media catalogued on Delicious Library in case we ever have a fire/flood/theft and need to prove what we owned. But we don't have some basic stuff we should have, like a roll-up ladder for our bedroom. And while our apartment condition form when we moved in had a fire extinguisher listed as something we should have, when I asked about it they said they only have to have one in each building (what?). And I don't even know where that is. So we probably ought to have one of those as well.

So those are my plans to make myself more prepared.

What have I missed? In what areas of your life have you found yourself unprepared?


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