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A Quick-Take Easter

Sunday, April 24, 2011

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A Quick-Take Easter | Faith Permeating Life
I know it's not Friday, but I feel like today is best summed up in 7 Quick Takes.

— 1 —

Happy Easter, everyone! My family and I went to noon Mass today, then out to a late brunch. Mike was able to get off work in time to join us. My sister is 13 and felt deprived of an Easter egg hunt, so she found a bunch of plastic eggs and hid them for Mike to find when he got home. My brother was also home for the weekend from grad school, so it was nice to have the whole family together for Easter.

— 2 —

Near the end of Mass today, the priest said, "Those of you who are in mortal sin may leave before the final hymn." I thought that was a pretty hilarious way to try to keep people from sneaking out early. Unfortunately it didn't do much to dissuade people. My family's of the mind that the best way to avoid a parking lot mess is to stay until the end of the recessional hymn and then take our time leaving church. We made our brunch reservations late enough that we could still stop home for about 20 minutes after church.

— 3 —

Mike decided not to take the restaurant job. He was getting stressed out about giving up his weekends again, and he decided if he really wanted to land a full-time, Monday-to-Friday job, it was better to devote his time to job-hunting for the moment. He's also going to look for some volunteering opportunities, where his schedule will be more flexible but he'll still have the opportunity to make contacts. I don't have much choice but to trust he's going to follow through with this plan. Maybe I can come up with a way to help without nagging.

— 4 —

I got my hair cut yesterday. About 8 inches off. I hadn't had it cut since before our honeymoon, and every since we had an 80-degree day a few weeks ago I've been wanting it gone. It's up around my ears now, and I really like it.

— 5 —

Have you seen the Tweet Topic Explorer? It's supposed to help you decide if you want to follow someone on Twitter. Looking at mine, you might conclude that I often tweet about "gay sex" even though those words have only ever appeared in the same tweet together once (and not in that order). Haha :) Still, it's a fun tool.

— 6 —

I've only got a few weeks left of my programming class, and I'm really glad. The instructor is painfully bad, and it's frustrating that I've learned so much less than I'd hoped to. I wish I had the self-discipline to get myself caught up over the summer before I take another class in the fall, but I don't, or I'd have taught myself programming in the first place instead of taking a class.

— 7 —

I did ask my boss about working from home on Thursdays, and he said he has no problem with it, but he wants to check with his boss about whether there's a policy for our department, and he said they might need to develop one first. I guess this is the difference between working for a VP (who suggested I work two days a week at home when I first got mono) and working for a director not as high up. I didn't tell him it was for health reasons -- I'm honestly glad that no one at work is treating me like I'm going to die anymore. I just said that it's a long commute and I get more work done when I'm not being interrupted all the time. This is partly true -- I don't always get more work done at home, but I do get a lot more work done the day after I've had a restful day at home than if I'm pushing myself through the end of the week. So fingers crossed something gets decided soon!


  1. Happy Easter! I think the best way to avoid a parking lot mess is to walk to church. :-) Even when we attend things at other churches that aren't so close to our house, we tend to park on the street nearby to avoid the crowds. And around here, there are at least two churches that don't HAVE parking lots!

    But also...wasn't there a coffee hour or something to go to? We have one for all but the most solemn services, like Good Friday.

  2. @'Becca
    My parents live in the suburbs, and the church is at the intersection of two main streets, so there isn't really a road to legally park on. We did see a neighbor walking home from the previous service. It would be probably a half hour walk. My little sister was already complaining about having to "get up so early" (yes, for noon Mass) so I don't think that would have gone over so well with her or my parents.

    And no, no coffee hour. I think they used to have one after 8 and 10 o'clock masses, but their new priest is crazy--fired everyone, took over management of the budget himself, and doesn't want money spent on anything except paying other priests to celebrate Mass so he doesn't have to. I know--not a great situation. But the priest we had for Easter was good. Mike and I like our priest at our own church a lot, and we usually go to Saturday evening Mass together since he works on Sundays. I don't know what we'll do now that he's quitting his job. Maybe we'll find out if our own church has a Sunday coffee hour :)


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