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Thursday, May 19, 2011

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This will be a short post because it is way past my bedtime -- but I had a doctor's appointment after work that took forever so all of my normal Thursday stuff got pushed late.

My doctor doesn't know what's wrong with me and wants to rule out everything possible before saying that I have some kind of chronic case of mono. (I did clearly have mono on my last blood test, but that doesn't mean that that is still causing my symptoms.) He said on my last blood test my blood sugar was elevated but not quite in the danger zone (which theoretically could be a sign of pre-diabetes), but that's probably just because I didn't fast because it was a blood test for mono and not for blood sugar and no one told me to fast.

He told me to come in for another blood test. Again, he didn't tell me to fast -- and you don't make an appointment, you just show up to the lab -- but I'm assuming I should this time? He wants to test my vitamin levels anyway to make sure that the stuff I'm taking is putting me at the right levels.

Reasons the blood sugar explanation makes sense:
  • On the days I feel really weak when I get home from work, I usually feel better after eating something.
  • Sometimes I get weird headaches at bedtime that I have a feeling have to do with blood sugar levels.
Reasons the blood sugar explanation doesn't make sense:
  • My glucose levels were not quite in the high zone even though I ate right before the blood test.
  • If it is diabetes-related, I would be very surprised. From what I know about diabetes, I'm like the least likely person to get it. I'm thin, I exercise regularly, I eat healthy, and I rarely eat sweets or sugary things.
  • I eat the same exact thing for breakfast and lunch every day, so any variations from day to day would have to be entirely a result of dinner. I rarely have any kind of dessert or late-night snack.
I think the most likely explanation would be something like hypoglycemia, where I need to eat more regularly to keep my blood sugar from getting too low. This is the exact opposite of why my doctor brought it up in the first place, but it's still possible, I think.

However, my doctor wants me to do a gluten-free diet for two weeks to rule out celiac disease because the blood test for that is really expensive, so I don't want to introduce any other variables (like eating snacks between meals) that would make it difficult to pinpoint the cause of any improvement.

Ugh. I miss being healthy.


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