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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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Well, that was interesting.

At the train station this morning, this older woman near me on the bench started hissing, "Sir! Sir!"

After about the fourth time, I realized she was talking to me.

As I don't generally respond to "sir," I didn't look up until she said a bit louder, "Yo!"

I turned and looked. She held out her water bottle to me. "I can't get it open."

"You...want me to open it for you?"


I took it from her and, after nearly crunching the entire top down, got the lid off.

"It's hard, isn't it?" she said as she took it back from me.

This was weird on several levels, but it also marks the first time in my memory that I've been mistaken for a man. I mean, I recently got my hair cut so it's about at my chin, but I also have a nice diamond engagement ring and am wearing big rainbow-colored boots, both of which she could see from where she was sitting. I don't think I look particularly manly.

Funny that as much as I support gender fluidity and breaking gender stereotypes, I still don't like that someone thought I was a man.


  1. Haha don't worry about it, I think the problem lies with the old lady and not with you :D

  2. @Little redhead
    Haha, yeah, it was very strange. After it happened I thought about how many assumptions she had to have made: 1) Short hair = man, 2) Man = able to open bottle, 3) Man = willing to open bottle at a moment's notice without being asked politely. I guess I proved #2 and #3 correct, despite not being a man :)

  3. Ha! I dunno what you look like, but there's a high chance this woman either has old lady brain or mental health issues. I'm sure you're a striking young lady. :)

  4. @Akirah
    Thanks! I don't think it caused any lasting damage to my self-esteem :)


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