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Monday, June 27, 2011

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I don't usually share a lot of videos on here, but this exchange I thought was so excellent I needed to post it.

Mike and I have been big fans of the vlogbrothers on YouTube since they started in 2007. If you have some time to kill and don't mind getting sucked into a community of intelligent, kind people (known as "nerdfighters") who watch two very smart and funny brothers exchange videos and then have respectful debates in the comments... I suggest checking out some of their other videos.

If you are scared easily, I should probably warn you that Hank does a creepy face-warp thing (as seen in the preview) near the end of the video. Otherwise the video is awesome :)

And here is John's response:

What do you think?


  1. Haha, "thousands of years of failure". I might just have to subscribe to these guys on YouTube. I think the one thing I disagree with from the first video is when he says a belief in God says very little about who is as a person. I think it says a lot. Though by no means does it say everything. Not even close. But I get his point...that people want to categorize other people. I think they are voicing the nature of individual interpretation and how it plays into religion and a belief in God but I wonder if they believe there an actual Truth to be found anywhere. Really interesting!

  2. @Caiti
    Hm... I would agree that belief in God can be very central to who a person is. (Obviously, I think my faith permeates my whole life.) :) But I also think it depends on the person, how important their belief in God is to the rest of their life. So for Hank, if he does believe in God, he doesn't seem to let that affect much of the rest of his life. So just knowing that a person does believe in God would tell me very little about him/her, because I have no idea whether that belief is merely an intellectual one ("I acknowledge that there is a God") or that person has a deep spiritual relationship with God that permeates all parts of their life. That's how I understand it, anyway.

    I definitely recommend subscribing to them. They are awesome :)

  3. I agree with that. I still think that a belief in God is more telling than he characterized it though. Sure, it is based on how much a person lets that belief influence them but I still argue that a belief that there is no creative force to the universe and this is all random verses a belief that there is a creator and a source for all life (however you chose to acknowledge that) definitely has an impact on how you see yourself and your place in the universe. Even if the belief is simply an intellectual one. A belief in God does tell you a little bit about the person. But I definitely agree that it doesn't tell you anything about their relationship with God or anything at all about their faith life or spirituality. Or even their moral code.


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