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A Very Special Guest!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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A Very Special Guest! | Faith Permeating Life
I am very excited to share a guest post with you today! It was written by my wonderful and amazing husband, Mike. He has some great news to share with you and wanted to tell you himself. Please leave him lots of love and encouragement in comments :)


I told my wife I would write a guest blog for her. The truth is, I am not the best when it comes to these things, so bear with me. (No, this is not going to be a post about how I am a terrible blogger.)

Actually, I got a job! I graduated from graduate school over one year ago with my MA in social work from the University of Chicago. Hmpf. La de da. Impressive. These thoughts might be entering your mind. I, Mike, went to the University of Chicago. I thought it was pretty cool, too. I thought going there was my golden ticket into social work. WRONG!

My new job is a manager of a restaurant. Now, don’t write this off as a last resort, for I am extremely happy. I have worked in food service in high school, college, and graduate school. These places are some of the happiest memories I have. I have met some of the coolest people and have gotten to work around something I love: food.

Yet a lot of people think I am selling myself short, that I don’t know what I am doing, and that I won’t be happy. That is interesting because those people aren’t me. They think I would make an excellent social worker and if I don’t do exactly that then all that school was a waste and I am just another guy working some job any old slob could do. But really, how would those people know what makes and doesn’t make me happy?

My wife can attest that I have been beaming since Friday when I accepted the job. I get excited about things, but this was more than usual. I don’t think I could do this job without all of that education. I am a quick learner, so counting money or working a computer or learning a recipe is fairly easy to me. Over the past 6 years, and earlier for that matter, I have been mastering my skills with people. If you don’t think being a social worker is customer service and people problem-solving, then you don’t know what social work is.

To me, I am a social worker, no matter what I do or where I am. Some of the classes I took on trauma were the most powerful explorations of human emotion I have ever done. Going deep inside to explore all the baggage can be painful, so sensitivity and trust is key. As a manager, I will need my crew to trust me. This will help me home in on the tiniest unpleasantries a guest or a crewmember has. This will allow me to build trust and give great service.

I have had people tell me being a manager is “hard hours” and the “money is not that great.” That’s hilarious. The two most frequent comments I got when I told people I was going to school to be a social worker: 1) you know you won’t make any money and 2) that’s a really hard job. And they always said it like it was a grand revelation or something I had never given any thought to.


One of the greatest things about being a Christian is the idea of servant leadership. Jesus washed the feet of his disciples the day before his death. Is there no greater example of what it means to be Christian? Jesus refused to be elevated to a king even though he was God, but instead became a servant. AWESOME!

Jesus broke bread and shared it with his disciples. He shares it with us. We are called to share it with each other. Meals, no matter what culture, play such an integral part of life. If it’s not bread, then it’s sharing turkey, or ham, or TACOS! (I really love tacos.) I have to admit I have shared many awesome meals after breaking tortilla chips (to dip in salsa, of course).

I hope you have already seen where this is going. Being a manager at a restaurant is one of my callings. To me, God seems to think that I would be good at this particular thing. Many different things have had to happen for this all to line up. And here’s the thing: I have accepted this. I have embraced it. Aren’t we supposed to embrace our callings? I have and I couldn’t be happier.


  1. Nice guest blog! So happy for you, Michael!

  2. Congrats on the job Mike! I'm really happy for you!

  3. Congrats from a kindred spirit!

    I an working my last week at a museum (for which I have (almost) a masters) this week. I am leaving my full time job in my field to work an office assistant position for a non-profit. Why? It's a 20 min commute as opposed to 60, it pays more, and the schedule is better (mon-fri 8-5 as opposed to working every Saturday and occasional nights and Sundays). I've had trouble convincing my mother (who historically has always been uber supportive) in particular that this is the best move for my whole life right now (financially, family, and otherwise) - when I told her she said "this makes me sad". Thanks mom...

    I plan to elaborate in my own blog, but I totally get what Mike is getting from others.

    Here's to doing what makes sense to us and not necessarily what makes sense to everyone else :-)


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