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Pre-Vacation Ball of Stress

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

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Pre-Vacation Ball of Stress | Faith Permeating Life
I'm having one of those days.

It's a day where everywhere I look, I see something that needs to get done.

Right now, from where I'm sitting:
  • Empty pill organizer. Need to refill it with my vitamins.
  • Hangers. Shoot, Mike took the laundry to my parents' house and forgot to bring hangers again, so we'll have to steal more of their hangers and add them to our overflowing closet.
  • Our car insurance bill. It's sitting next to me because I had to e-mail our insurance agent for the third time to see if we'd get a corrected bill by the time we leave for vacation. Also, this reminds me I need to pay our renter's insurance. (OK, done.)
  • Our check for our vehicle stickers. Needs to go in the mail tomorrow since it's due before we get back.
  • My e-mail. Oh yeah, I promised my friend I'd look over her paper. Hopefully I'll have time before we leave.
  • Even this blog. Argh, still need to schedule the awesome guest posts I got and e-mail my guest bloggers with the date theirs will be published.
I seriously need a vacation just to deal with the stress of having to get ready to go on vacation.

My brain can't stop coming up with things I need to do:
  • Don't forget to set PaperBackSwap and Half.com on vacation so no one orders books from you.
  • Tell the post office to hold your mail, but not yet.
  • Didn't you want to get some more library books for the trip?
  • Wouldn't it be a lot nicer to come home to a clean apartment? You should find some time to clean.
  • You cannot forget to pay rent when you get back!
It's ridiculous.

This is not even counting the stuff that has to get done at work before I go on vacation. My boss, unfortunately, is going to be at a conference until I leave for vacation, so I can't get his OK on my projects before I go. I just need to get done what I can and then send it all to him to review while I'm gone and let him distribute what he thinks is ready to go. He gave me about four new projects today before he left, so I'll have to move forward with those without getting any more clarification.

Oh yeah, I need to ask my coworker to handle room reservation approvals while I'm gone. Yet another thing to remember.

You know what does not help at all? The fact that it's 95-freaking-degrees in Chicago and it's that time of the month. (Woohoo TMI!) I am not well-equipped to deal with stress at the moment.


OK, I took a short break and let each of the rats take a turn riding around on my shoulder and then rewarded them each with a piece of apple. We haven't done much training with them yet, so I'm trying to start off small with getting them used to staying on me and being calm. Ernie climbed inside my shirt, which was kind of hilarious. Spending a little time with them made me feel better :)

I know all of you have probably had a day like this, so I'm just reaching out and asking for your prayers, your sympathy, your suggestions, whatever. I know myself and know that everything that is really, really important will get done in time and I'll be able to relax next week. It's just a little overwhelming in the moment.

I've got nothing profound or insightful today -- just another slice of life. I'm going to go do my gratitude journal and go to sleep now, and I'll try to focus on the small joys, like how cute our rats are and how awesome it's going to be to spend time with my relatives next week.

Wherever you are, I wish you a peaceful, non-stressful week full of small joys and gratitudes.


  1. Oh wow, I'd be a stress-mess too. Hang in there! I hope you are going somewhere fun and relaxing. I haven't been on vacation in forever and part of the reason why is because of how much would need to be done before we left--at work AND at home. So anything I say is preaching to the choir.

    You will get it all done. Or, just the VERY important, necessary things. Like paying the rent ;-) Who wants to come home to an eviction notice?

    You don't work in brain surgery, so everything at work will work itself out. I don't think anyone's life is at risk by you not being there. (This coming from someone who is scared to take more than a day or two off for fear of falling behind.)

    Remember to breathe. And remember to pray.

    Speaking of the rent, I don't know how you pay, but if you pay by check, why not write it out now, and get it all ready to go? Then when you get back, you can mail it or drop it off?

    AND, most importantly, HAVE A GREAT TIME!!!!

  2. Eughh I hate days like that - so sorry to hear you're having to endure it at the moment; I hope it passes quickly! I felt a bit like this the other day and I found an excuse to go out for a drive - went to the shop & took the long way home blasting some music and singing very loudly on my own. It didn't solve everything, but I think it helped :)

  3. @Rabbit
    Thanks for the encouragement :) It's always hard for me to reconcile the idea that "there will always be things to do, go enjoy life" with the fact that those things, um, actually have to get done. But there is a point at which, if I get all that done, I can go off and have a relaxing vacation. Part of our vacation will be at a lake with my relatives and their church friends, which will be super-fun. (And there's no cell phone reception or Internet or anything, so I will be forced to disconnect!)

    Re: our rent, we pay by credit card in the leasing office, and we'll get back in plenty of time to pay, but I usually pay a few days early so I'm just afraid that I won't look at the date and have it trigger, "Oh, I need to pay rent." But we're such good tenants and they're so laid-back that the worst that would probably happen is they'd come over and be like, "Hey, did you mean to pay rent?" :) It's silly to worry, I know.

    Work will be fine without me, I just know that more will have piled up by the time I get back, and I already have the most projects I've ever had on my plate, so I want to clear as much as I can now. But again, that's my ideal situation vs. what is actually vital.

    Thanks again!

  4. @Just me
    Glad I'm not alone on this! It sucks to feel like your head's underwater with things to do. I took your advice and blasted some upbeat Christian music on my iPod this morning on the walk to work, which always puts me in a good mood. (No singing, though I did lip synch and dance a little ;) )

  5. @Jessica
    Definitely! One time I was walking back up to campus after hanging out after church, it was about midnight so I figured no-one would be around to notice if I started singing along to my ipod.. I got ALL the way up the hill thinking I was fine and the second I turned onto campus, someone started walking right towards me. It was a particularly sing-y bit of the song. Oops! :D

  6. @Just me
    I learned never to sing along with headphones in from my father. Whenever he's listening to his music he'll start singing along at varying volumes depending on the part of the song, and ALWAYS off-key. It can be slightly annoying but mostly it's ridiculously hilarious when he doesn't realize he's doing it.


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