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Keyword Poetry: You're Beautiful Without Trying to Be

Thursday, August 25, 2011

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I've only got a short time to post today because our Internet is completely down, so I'm writing this at the library. I decided to do something fun, in the footsteps of Simcha Fisher and Elizabeth Hillgrove, who have created "poetry" out of the words and phrases people have searched to end up at their blogs.

Although the largest number of searches are still pointing to my Harry Potter movie review, I decided to stick with the other search themes that most often point here.

And as much as it pains me, everything has been left in the exact grammatical state in which it was searched.

why would a man be so eager to be married?
he is trying so hard not to love me
is honeymoon sex amazing?

can you be catholic but not follow every belief?
ignorant children
waiting for marriage is stupid

you can'T take care of everybody so
why wait to kiss until marriage
sex in bed

i'm stressed at work
i don't trust God with my happiness
how is my month of july going to be
I am really tired of taking care of myself

marriage is for life or until
quit job, leap of faith, Trust God
quit job, leap of faith, Trust God
quit job, leap of faith, Trust God
can you stop faith

not everybody is where you are at in your life
Do not be excessively righteous

small steps big hearts
you're beautiful without trying to be

permeating catholic faith in your life
christianity and the happiness project
trusting god to help you to get another job

face permeating life
faith-permeating lfie
faith premeating life

faith permeating life


I threw that last line in there because I thought it was hilarious :)

I decided not to clutter up the "poem" with links, so if you're looking for something more substantial today, here are some past posts to check out:Hope you're having a fabulous day!


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