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7 Quick Takes Friday: Gay Muppets, Blog Questions, and Love Bombs

Friday, September 9, 2011

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7 Quick Takes Friday: Gay Muppets, Blog Questions, and Love Bombs | Faith Permeating Life

I have a lot of odds and ends to get out, so it seemed like a good time for another Quick Takes post!

— 1 —

I went to my first choir rehearsal at church last night. I'm excited to be singing again. The good news is there was one other woman there who looked to be close to my age, and we chatted a bit. The bad news is that one of the returning choir members informed our new music minister, when he mentioned organizing some social events for the choir, that the way they've always done it is to have everyone contribute some money every time they come to choir rehearsal, and then go to a show at the end of the year. Needless to say, this was not what I wanted to hear. However, the music minister didn't seem sold on the idea.

— 2 —

If you don't follow me on Twitter (what are you waiting for??), you may have missed the story a while back about the petition to have Bert and Ernie get married on Sesame Street. I agreed with this writer's explanation for not signing the petition; namely, there's no good reason to "out" the Muppets and force them to turn their relationship into something completely different than it's been for decades. However, the official response to this was that this wouldn't happen because Muppets don't have a sexual orientation, and this writer quickly pointed out that plenty of Muppets have been shown to be straight. I thought this was a great example of what glaring heteronormativity looks like: the notion that you "have a sexual orientation" only if you're gay.

— 3 —

Another thing that went out on Twitter recently was this question (or multiple questions, I guess): Should I make a Facebook page for Faith Permeating Life? If I did, would you "like" it? What sort of content would you expect to see on there?

I'm seeing more and more blogs get Facebook pages, but given that my most frequent commenters are either anonymous, semi-anonymous, or anti-Facebook, I'm thinking it might not be worth it. However, it would make it easier to share my posts with your Facebook friends, and it would probably contain content similar to my Twitter feed (links to articles about religion, marriage, gay rights, etc. and to other people's awesome blog posts) for those who live more on Facebook than Twitter.

What do you think?

— 4 —

Speaking of blog-related ideas, I've been thinking of adding a weekly post of "Five Books on Friday." It could be a linkup, too, I guess. I have lots of ideas for book recommendations, such as "books everyone should read," "books every Christian should read," "books every couple should read," and "books for making a change in your life." I don't know if I could come up with five for every category, but I'd be willing to try. It might only last a few months, as I've read only a finite number of books :) Maybe I could do it once a month instead?

What do you think? Does that sound interesting or would you skip those posts? Would you link up with it yourself?

— 5 —

Do you have 5 minutes a week to spare? Or $1 a month? If yes, you can help out with two initiatives that are literally saving lives. I was privileged to hear Nate St. Pierre speak at the 20SB Summit, where I learned about Love Bomb and Love Drop. Love Bomb gives you a mission once a week to comment on the blog of somebody who's going through a tough time and needs some messages of love and hope. Love Drop picks one family a month that needs some specific things to help them through a difficult situation. Nate has seized on the idea that many people each contributing very little can do amazing things together. I highly recommend checking out these sites!

— 6 —

Mike built himself an armoire yesterday out of two doors and various other wood he found on the curb in our neighborhood.

It works really well! He's going to add some drawers next. Even though he might drive me nuts by constantly bringing things home on trash night ("It was free!"), I'm happy to have married someone who also values functionality over stylishness.

— 7 —

I start a new programming class on Monday. This one is about programming and data, so I'm hoping I'll actually be able to start applying what I learn to my job. So far I haven't been able to show my boss that letting me leave early once a week (to go to class) has any benefit to our department. Fortunately he's cool about it!

Please take a minute to answer my blog-related questions in comments. And let me know how your week was!


  1. I've only discovered your blog today, but I'm happy to contribute feedback on your future direction! A book wrap-up type thing sounds interesting; maybe even a 7 quick takes style thing of your own that others could link into to? I'd be in! (dont get excited; i've got like, 10 readers ;) )


    Eva (fellow homebody introvert!)

  2. Wow, the end of a comment was a mess- sorry. Obviously I'm totally unable to post a comment without writing my name too many times.

  3. @theaspirationalagnostic
    Awesome, thanks for the feedback! I do think I would make it a linkup if I did the Five Books on Friday thing. I guess I can always try it and see what people do with it!

  4. Love that you got into love bomb & love drop! Amazing causes.

    Blog questions - no, I wouldn't 'like' the Facebook page because I'm anonymous here, sorry! And the book thing sounds interesting - I think whether I would read it would depend on what the subject that week was. You could always try it and see what the response it, and make it regular it people like it.

  5. @Just me
    Yup, you were one of the people I was talking about who often comments but is anonymous. So the question is, I guess, the people who don't comment and therefore won't answer my question, would they like my Facebook page? There's no way to know unless I just do it :)

    I'm thinking I might do the book thing once a month, like the first Friday every month. That way I won't run out of ideas too soon, and people won't be overwhelmed by the number of recommendations. I would be interested to get other people's recommendations as well, as I always love finding out about new books I should read!

  6. As far as the books go, I would read those posts as long as there was at least one book I'd be interested in. So maybe make sure you're posting on a wide variety of books that all of your audience would be interested in, then maybe it would get some readers.

  7. @Tricia
    Most of the books I read are nonfiction, so I'm thinking it would be similar to the advice-type posts I sometimes do here, just more like, "Read this book, this person says it a lot better than I could." The books I'm thinking of are the books I tend to reference when I'm talking to other people about some topic or another. So hopefully, if you like what I write here, then you would like the books I recommend :)

  8. While you know my full name now :) I wouldn't "like" you on Facebook. It's not you, I swear! LOL

    And nice armoire!

  9. @Rabbit
    Haha, that's OK, you were one of the other ones I was thinking of that wouldn't join the Facebook page. No hard feelings!

  10. I think the book posts would be awesome. I'm always looking for new books to read and love hearing what other people like.

    I don't think I'd "like" any blog's Facebook page. I keep my blog separate from the rest of my life, plus I don't really know what purpose it would serve that I don't already get from actually reading the blog and following someone on Twitter.

  11. @Krys
    It sounds like the Facebook page is probably a no go, but I'm definitely going to do the book recommendation posts. Look for the first one in October, and please add your own recommendations via comments or linkup!

  12. I just realized...if I liked your blog page, it would be as "real me" not "Rabbit" and only you would know that was me.

  13. @Rabbit
    I did think of that, but I thought you might not want your Facebook friends following the link and finding your blog through my comments. I haven't received any real enthusiasm about the Facebook page idea, so I'll probably just let it go for now.

  14. I'd totally 'like' you on FB! It makes perfect sense to make one when you have a lot of non-blogger readers.

    also, would love to hear your book recommendations-- yes please : )

  15. @April
    OK, you're the first one! As long as I wouldn't have 0 followers, I guess I might as well make one :) It would probably just be the same things I post on Twitter unless I think of something else to do with it. Maybe I'll post more reader feedback questions there or use it as a place to solicit questions/post suggestions. We'll see. Thanks for weighing in on it!


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