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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pin It Now!

Hello friends,

I've spent the past day or so spiffing things up around here. And by here, I mean Faith Permeating Life (although our apartment isn't looking too terrible, haha). Here are some of the new, exciting changes:
  • I finally stopped dawdling and bought the faithpermeatinglife.com URL. No worries; any old bookmarks will still work fine, and the RSS feed should keep on working as well. So now when you tell your friends about this site (and I know you do...) you don't have to remember my weird username to get the URL right.
  • By popular request, I finally figured out how to add a Facebook "Like" button to the posts. (My first attempt a few months ago was disastrous and I'd given up in frustration!) You'll see it up there next to the Twitter button. Sadly, all my tweet counts reset to zero when the URL changed, so you'll just have to help get them back up again :)
  • There is now a Facebook page for Faith Permeating Life! Since at least one person said they would "Like" it if I made one, I decided, what the heck. At first there will probably be a lot of overlap with what's on my Twitter feed (new posts and links to interesting articles), but I'm hoping to use it to ask and receive questions as well. So join the conversation!
  • I've been writing down my book recommendations for what will be a once-a-month linkup here. Since I've consistently been coming up with three books for every category, I decided it ought to be called "Three Books on Thursday" (because you gotta have that alliteration!) and be my first Thursday post every month. If anyone feels so inclined to make a logo for said linkup, I would be eternally grateful and send plenty of credit and links your way :)
  • Finally, I've got a bunch of post topics stockpiled away, but I got to wondering what kind of things YOU like reading about most. You can see at the top of the page that my posts are divided into seven different categories. I'd love if you could take 30 seconds and answer the 2 questions below!

If you can't see the form, click here to answer the two questions.

Thank you! You all rock! Hope you're having a fabulous weekend.


  1. 'liked'! Good idea to ask for input, but don't let other peoples opinions drive your blog. It still has to be about what YOU want!


  2. @theaspirationalagnostic
    Thanks for the Like! Don't worry; it's pretty rare that I let other people's opinions totally drive what I do, especially in a space like this. I just want to have a better sense of my readership, of what people are coming here for.

    For example, I usually write a lot about marriage, and haven't done a post on that in a while, but since that appears (so far) to be everyone's favorite kind of post, I'll pick something for today from my list of topics-I-want-to-write-a-post-about that has to do with marriage :)

  3. Oh jeez Jessica, please don't make me pick! :) I like everything!

  4. @Rabbit
    Well, that's good :) I'm finding that people really do like a mix of everything, so that makes me feel like I haven't been boring people too much with my random assortment of topics, haha. Thanks for taking the survey anyway!


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