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On Marriage: Go Check It Out! (And Defining "Sex Before Marriage")

Sunday, September 25, 2011

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Hi folks,

I am bursting with post ideas, but I have NO TIME to write today. (My programming homework took, um... four hours longer than I anticipated.) So instead, I will point to my guest post on Analyfe, hosted by the lovely and talented Erin McNaughton. Go check it out, leave some love, and then spend some time around her awesome blog.

I also invite you to check out this post on saving sex for marriage on author John Green's Tumblr. You'll notice some similar themes from my posts Why Get Married? and NFP: The Real Deal, as well as Macha's excellent post on why virginity is not real.

Have a fabulous week!


  1. Thanks for the links (and not just to my site!) I hope to someday be married, as well as waiting until I'm married to haxe sex, so these are all interesting and relevant topics for me. I was also brought up Catholic, but disagree with several teachings (the same as you) and feel a personal connection to "something bigger" more than the church as an institution. I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your insight because it is so much in alignment with what I desire...it's nice having someone I can relate to, a role model who has successful achieved what I hope for and can share advice and insight about how to get there. I'll be around. :)

  2. @analyfe
    Sometimes I feel like people think I'm weird because I waited until marriage to have sex, am really, really glad I did, and yet don't hold the opinion that everyone should wait until marriage. Mostly because I know that my holding that opinion means absolutely nothing in the lives of other people. So it's nice to know that there are people who understand me :)

    it's nice having someone I can relate to, a role model who has successful achieved what I hope for and can share advice and insight about how to get there.
    This genuinely made me smile, not only because it's a super-nice thing to say, but because I have a partially written post somewhere about role models in which I wrote, literally, almost this exact same thing about 'Becca. (For example, before embarking on my month of exploring parenthood ideas, I read through all 100+ of her posts tagged "parenthood" because she takes the exact approach to parenting that I want to.) So this makes me feel like I'm part of some great blogging circle of life, which is awesome and amazing and why I love bloggers!

    Thanks again for the opportunity to guest post and the great question you gave me to answer in my post!

  3. I’ve had several people think I’m weird and have had people pressure me to do things I wasn’t comfortable with. There have been times where it's been hard and I’ve felt so alone, but I’m happy I made it through with my integrity intact. I feel that as I’ve gotten older, the people around me are more understanding (whether they’ve grown up, or I’ve just attracted the right people). Also, I feel more comfortable with my decision every day and I know that the right person will understand and appreciate my choice. I agree that waiting isn't for everyone and I don't judge people...I simply admire people who actually think about what's best for them and who fearlessly pursue that.

    I’m happy to hear that. So often I think these wonderful things about people, but keep them to myself…however, I’ve had people say things like that to me that have really affected me. I just need you to know that you are making a difference through what you’re doing. That’s great to hear you had a inspirational role model as well. I’ll check out the post! Hopefully I’ll be able to continue the blogging circle of life. I truly feel that bloggers are a special group of people…I can’t place my finger on how (perceptive and introspective, perhaps?), but they’re it’s wonderful.

    You’re welcome! Thanks to you for taking the time to share your story.

  4. @Jessica
    Aww, thanks!! I strive to be a good role model while still being realistic. I feel very lucky to have had good examples of parenting in my family (not just my parents but my grandparents and most of my uncles, cousins, etc.) and I also learned a lot from discussion boards; there are, indeed, some very wise people on the Internet, although you do have to sift through some chaff.

  5. @analyfe
    I've also felt like people have been more understanding the older I get, and like you, I'm not sure if it's the people I attract now, or if I'm just comparing adults to high schoolers. I've also become more confident about my decisions and able to explain them, which I think invites less criticism.

    You've inspired me to write a post on what I love about bloggers (probably combined with the aforementioned post on role models). I will have to add it to the queue, though--I've seriously been getting more ideas than I have time to write! :)

  6. @'Becca
    It can be hard to find really great blogs, and I'm so grateful you found mine, to lead me to yours! You're an inspiration to me, to know that the way I want to live my life (whether environmentally, as a parent, or other ways) is possible even though I haven't seen it done among the people I know IRL. So thanks for putting it out there!

  7. @Jessica I'm looking forward to reading that one! :)

  8. John Green. That totally just made my night! :)

  9. @Becca
    Are you a nerdfighter? Because if you are... that makes you a thousand times more awesome :)

    (If you're not, that's OK, you are still awesome.)


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