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How We Met (Part 1)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

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How We Met (Part 1) | Faith Permeating Life

It occurred to me recently that while I've referenced bits and pieces of this story in other posts, I've never actually shared on here the whole messy story of how Mike and I first got together. I'm not sure how much anyone actually cares, but for the purposes of referencing back to it later, I figured I should lay it all out there.

It's a rather long story, so you're getting it in three installments so you don't get too bored :)

The story starts when I graduated high school. I hope you'll forgive me if you've heard this part before. When I graduated high school, I swore to everyone that I was never going to date again. I was perfectly happy being single and would prefer to stay such for the rest of my life. I was very adament about this.

What I didn't tell anyone was that in my anger and frustration with guys and dating, I had thrown up a sarcastic prayer to God.

"God, I am done chasing guys who don't like me. If You really want me to get married, then You're gonna have to send me the perfect guy and make him pursue me. Good luck with that."

Yeah. Issuing sarcastic challenges to God = poor decision.

Mike and I met our first week of college. Nothing about our first meeting is particularly memorable -- I was going around our dorm with a girl from my floor, and we ran into Mike and his roommate in the lobby; she knew Mike from a church activity they did in high school and introduced us. I only know it was him because we walked past his dorm room and my new friend said, "That's where those guys we met in the lobby live," and later that year when I was spending lots of time in that room, I put two and two together and realized I'd met Mike that first week.

Mike lived on the men's Christian Leadership floor; I was on the women's, which was a floor above his. Since Mike already knew one girl on our floor and is quick to make friends, he started coming up and hanging out on our floor quite often. The girls on my floor had a habit of hanging out in a big group in our hallway, so it was easy for anyone to come up and join the group. I became friends with Mike as much as I was friends with any of the other guys and girls who hung out in our hallway.

There's an exact moment we can pinpoint when Mike and I started to go from being friends-in-a-group to close individual friends. I was sitting at my desk on my computer in my dorm room when Mike came in and sat on my bed.

I was a little bit flustered by this forwardness -- I mean, the bed was a reasonable place to sit since it was the only place in the room other than the desk chair to sit, but the fact that he'd just decided to come in, sit down, and start talking to me was odd, I thought.

I guess he'd decided he needed to get to know me better, so he just plopped down and started asking me questions.

What did we talk about? Religion and politics.

And I discovered, with a shock, that there was someone else in this world who thought exactly the way I did.

I remember even having the thought in high school that as much as I loved my friends, I felt like some of them were on exactly the same wavelength as each other, and I didn't know if there was a person in the world who saw life just like I did.

And here he was, sitting on my bed.

Slight but important story detour: When I was in middle school and high school, they were a few times when I would attempt to clear my mind of whatever guy I was currently infatuated with and ask myself, what would my *ideal* guy be like?

And always, maddeningly, I would get this image in my head of a guy sitting on my bed.

It drove me nuts because 1) this image told me nothing about the guy, because I couldn't actually see his face, and I knew nothing about him, and 2) it made no sense because it wasn't like guys were regularly coming in my bedroom -- why would a guy be sitting on my bed?

It wasn't until Mike and I had been dating for several months that I remembered with a start this image that had repeatedly popped into my head when I was younger.

And at that point, I said: OK, God, I get your big flashing neon sign. This is the guy I asked you for.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Stay tuned for Part 2...

Updates: Part 2 Part 3


  1. Not boring at all! Looking forward to the next parts :)
    That's really cool about the image of a guy sitting on your bed too!

  2. I too am looking forward to the rest of the story! :)

    By the way, I got your button! I'd like to make one too. How did you make it and is there code to copy and paste into a widget?

  3. No, not at all boring! Very interesting & I'm looking forward to the rest of it!

  4. Awwww! That's cute. Now if God would send me a big neon sign too.... that would be great. And I'm also a big sap - so I love hearing stories like this. Can't wait for the next one. :)

  5. @Lozzz123
    @Just me
    Glad you aren't finding it boring :) Hopefully the rest of the story holds up to your standards, haha!

  6. @Dave Keller
    Thanks for adding my button to your site! I made the button image using Photoshop and some stock images from sxc.hu and iStockPhoto. I'll send you an e-mail later with how to get the code box to show up under it (you might need to send me an e-mail and remind me).

  7. @Emmy
    Hm, maybe He only does that if you openly question His ability to find you a mate, haha :) Glad you're enjoying the story!


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