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How We Met (Part 2)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

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How We Met (Part 2) | Faith Permeating Life

Read here for Part 1 of how Mike and I met.

It was around mid-September of our freshman year that Mike and I discovered we had so much in common. Around this same time, he was sitting in the hallway one day (with a group, as usual) and had asked a friend to look over a paper he'd written. I was sitting across from him and, nerdy grammar geek that I am, just itching to take my editing pen to his paper.

I finally got up the courage to ask if I could edit it for him, which I did, and then he wrote on a napkin, "I O U something cool." A few days later, he IMed me late at night to make sure I was still awake, then ran upstairs (it was after midnight curfew), slid a mix CD under my door, and ran back down to his room.

Somehow this incident started both a series of late-night IM sessions and the trading of more things -- I think I must have made him a mix CD in return. We would be on AOL Instant Messenger (remember that?) until 2 or 3 in the morning most nights, doing homework and keeping each other company virtually. I actually saved all of those conversations, but they were lost in a hard drive crash because they were saved to a spot that wasn't backed up. Grr.


Sometime around the beginning of October I started thinking that maybe he was interested in me as more than a friend. This conclusion was very difficult for me to come to, mostly because almost no guys had ever been interested in me up to that point, but also because if it were true, it meant that at some point I was going to have to hurt our friendship by telling him that I wasn't planning to date anyone ever again.

The next few weeks, aside from classes, homework, and meals, were pretty much spent as follows: Hang out with Mike (and other people on my floor, usually); spend an hour on the phone with my best girl friend trying to decipher whether Mike was interested in me and what to do about it (and insisting that I was not interested in dating him); stay up late on IM with Mike.

I know. Ridiculous, right?

I finally decided that the best way to handle the situation was to work it into conversation that I'd decided never to date again. We were on IM and I somehow worked it into conversation that I had been talking to my best guy friend and how he was lamenting over not having a boyfriend, and that he didn't understand why I'd made the decision that I never wanted to have a boyfriend or get married.

I could almost hear the shocked silence on Mike's end. He may have asked me some questions about my decision, I don't remember. But I figured that would take care of things.

Yet Mike, persistent bugger that he is, decided to keep pursuing me anyway.

And, despite his giant 'fro, I had to grudgingly admit that there was a lot to like about him.

I remember there was some fundraiser where you could send a Halloween candy gram to someone, and he bought one for every girl on our floor.

Then, our floor was participating in a campus activity where local kids could come trick-or-treat in the dorms, and since his floor wasn't participating, he helped us decorate our hallway, and then convinced the girls who lived next door to me to let him hand out candy from their room since they wouldn't be there. They agreed on the condition that, since it was a girls' floor, they dress him up like a girl, to which he gamely agreed, wearing a skirt and makeup and letting them put flowered clips in his 'fro.

Then, over Halloween weekend, he and one of his friends on my floor organized a ham dinner for our two floors. I had to admit that it was incredibly attractive to see him running around with pot holders on his hands, directing the friends who were helping out in the kitchen.

Looking back, I suppose he may have done a lot of this because he liked me.

And in fact, I got what I considered to be concrete proof that he did like me, because when I said I was going to be a cowgirl for Halloween, he said he'd been thinking about being a cowboy.

Yeah. I was pretty much convinced at that point.

Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion... I know you're all dying to see how this turns out ;)

Update: Part 3!


  1. I love this story, thank you so much for sharing it :D

  2. SO CUTE! I remember late night AIM conversations. Good times. I have a few of those saved myself from certain people. ;)

    And wow! He is like the best floor boyfriend ever! (Even though he wasn't actually anyone's boyfriend yet...) I remember when girls on our floor in college had boyfriends - they became the whole floor's boyfriend. They were wonderful!

  3. I am glad that Emmy commented above me because I was wondering whether I was allowed to say that you two were so cute. :-)

    And I so remember IM in college. One of the reasons I thought that Josh probably didn't like me all that much (despite other signs to the contrary) was that even though we were on each other's buddylists from chats he'd never initiate IMing just me. Deep, right? ;-)

    I am looking forward to part 3!

  4. @Just me
    Aw, thanks! Now aren't you supposed to doing loads of coursework and not leaving me nice comments...? ;)

  5. @Emmy
    Haha, I love the term "floor boyfriend"! That's exactly what he was! I remember late one night I saw a friend in the floor bathroom and must have said something about Mike because she said, "I wonder who on our floor he'll end up dating..." I didn't know if she was really wondering that or if she knew he liked me and was hinting at that. (I asked her months later and she said it was the latter.) :)

  6. @Rae
    Hm, maybe I need to add a disclaimer saying, "You may freely shower compliments on my life"? Haha ;) Thanks!

    Oh, man, I so remember the drama in high school surrounding IM. There was so much interpretation read into whether or not people IMed you first, how interested they seemed in chatting with you, etc. I think some of that is still true for my teenager sister and texting, or Facebook chat.

  7. This is so cute to read because I remember watching this as a removed bystander and thinking ...Hmmmm, what's up with Mike and Jessica? ;) I so remember that fro too!

  8. @Caiti
    And I remember watching you and Bill flirting at the second retreat of our freshman year and thinking, "Hm... I could see them together." :)


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