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Celebrating 200 Posts!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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Celebrating 200 Posts! | Faith Permeating Life

It's my 200th post! I'm pretty excited about this. I've been in kind of a melancholy/cranky mood the past few days, not helped by the dreary skies and spitting rain today, so rather than dump that on you I decided to have a celebration of this blog and how far it's come. I'm using a combination of Erin's 300th post celebration at Analyfe and Jackie's 7 links post at Blueberries For Me to look back on this blog.

First Post: My first post was called The Launching Pad. It explains my original reason for starting a blog -- I was trying to find a job, plan a wedding, and clear up some health issues, and I wanted a place to track my progress. I think the blog was originally called something stupid like "Summer Projects." Once it was fall and I was married and had a job, I rechristened the blog Faith Permeating Life and started taking it in a new direction.

I've considered deleting those older posts (I'm always embarrassed when I see someone start at the beginning of my blog because they're sure to quit before getting to the new stuff) but I think it's good to remember how things have changed -- how my life focus has changed.

Most Popular Post: By pageviews, it's How My DivaCup Has Made Me Happier, which got over 500 views from being featured on the DivaCup Facebook fan page. Unfortunately that wasn't the kind of thing I normally write about, so I'm not sure if I gained a single follower from that experience. Ah, well.

Most Commented On Post: A Married Woman By Any Other Name... has received the most comments -- everyone wanted to share their own name stories and thoughts, which is awesome! That post was in response to a discussion that had started in the comments of the second-most-commented-on post, Why Get Married?, my thoughts on the purpose of marriage that followed a rant about how marriage isn't for procreation.

Most Controversial Post: My most recent post, When You Say "Get a Job"..., probably stirred up the most disagreement, even if it was only from a few people. Prior to that, my most controversial post was probably Can We Please Stop Trying to Make Things Illegal and Actually Fix the Damn Problem?, about why efforts to make abortion illegal are not actually the most effective way to reduce the number of abortions.

Most Helpful Post: The posts most intended to be helpful are usually the ones out of character for this blog, like my tips for applying to jobs and networking. But in terms of the regular topics I usually cover, I think my most helpful post is probably Mike and Jessica's Guide to Healthy Arguments. This is an area I think a lot of couples struggle with, and we've actually developed a pretty good approach.

Post Whose Success Surprised Me: Life After College: Where's My Friend Group? seemed to resonate strongly with a lot of people. I had a friend e-mail me to meet for lunch specifically in reaction to that post. I wrote it mostly in self-defense of why I don't have lots of friends I see on a regular basis; the funny thing is that since then, I've made a few friends in the area, and Mike and I actually hosted a very well-attended board game party recently, which we're going to try to do every few months now. So everything in its time, I guess!

Post I Didn't Feel Got the Attention It Deserved: The ideas that led to my Belief, Centered on Love were huge for me -- they gave me a framework for understanding myself as a Christian and a simple question for judging whether my own actions were Christ-like. Only one person commented on it, though, so I guess either I didn't do a good job of explaining my ideas or nobody else saw them as new, important ideas.

My Favorite Post: Really?? I have to pick a favorite? That's like choosing a favorite child! Sigh... I guess if there was one post I'd want visitors to my blog to read, it would be What Kind of Christian Am I? Life Lessons from a Stranger's Funeral. That post really encapsulates much of what I try to get across about my religious beliefs and how I try to live my life in general.

Top Search Terms: "faith permeating life" "waiting until marriage is stupid" "soap bubble"

Top Commenters: Just Me @ Getting out of my boat, Rabbit @ The Adventures of Rabbit and Turtle, 'Becca @ The Earthling's Handbook, and Macha @ Life as a Reader. There are many more of you who comment occasionally, and I'm exceptionally grateful to all of you!

In 2011, I started posting three times a week on a schedule that has worked on pretty well. I started documenting my happiness project once a month, and in October I started the monthly Three Books on Thursday linkup. Who knows what 2012 holds in store for this little corner of the Internet!

In the course of developing this blog, I began putting more effort into using my Twitter account and eventually created a Facebook page for it as well. In either place you might just find follow-ups to my posts (like how this woman nearly ran me down speeding through in the parking lot a few days after I'd decided not to talk to her about tailgating me), links to news articles (like Michigan's "anti-bullying" law that grants exceptions if you're bullying for religious reasons -- ugh), and questions nobody answers, like what I should host a guest post series on :)

To all of you who read this blog, whether since the beginning or for the first time today, and especially those of you who take the time to leave your thoughts -- thank you! You're the reason I've made it to 200 posts. Here's to 200 more and then some!


  1. Congratulations on 200 posts!! I'm equally cringy about my first post. Especially today, because I apparently have a new follower who felt the need to read ALL my posts from the beginning. Sucks to be them... ;)

  2. Happy 200th Post!

    I think it was a number of posts that made me want to follow your blog, and the diva cup post was one of them... so I guess you sort of did gain a follower from it!

  3. @Melbourne on my mind
    Unfortunately doing this post has led quite a few people to go back and read my early posts... so I am doing a lot of cringing. But fortunately I think most are regular readers, so they at least know that my posts are better now :)

  4. @Kathy S
    Thanks! I can't believe I've written 200!

  5. I wrote a post about the Michigan anti-bullying law - it really doesn't say what everyone thinks it says!! It drives me crazy that people insist on taking that quote out of context.

    Thanks for this post! I enjoyed it, and read some of the posts you linked to.

  6. @bluebonnetreads
    You're right that people tend to take quotes from new laws and studies out of context when it will whip people into a frenzy. My explanation of the law may have been a bit oversimplified, but I think that the law is sufficiently vague that it could be interpreted in the way everyone's describing. What most concerns me about the law is that the lawmakers' initial pushback against there being an anti-bullying law at all, and then the required inclusion of the religious portion, points squarely at people wanting to be able to say what they want about gay people without getting into trouble. Imagine being a gay student where people are constantly telling you you're going to hell and leaving Leviticus quotes on your locker. Is that bullying? Yes!! But it could be considered to be simply a statement of one's religious beliefs and therefore protected. There's a reason we have a classification of hate speech despite the constitution's protections of free speech; free speech isn't unlimited, and the protection of religion shouldn't extend to the point of being able to create a hostile learning or work environment for others. OK, I'm going to stop now before this comment is 1,000 words long... maybe I need to do a post on this also :)

  7. Jessica - yes, it could definitely be interpreted that way, and it is a VERY vague law. I do not, however, think that is the intent. When people say "this law says it is okay to bully if you're doing it based on religious reasons" - well, the law DOESN'T say that. It could definitely be INTERPRETED that way. But then again, bullying according to that law is only between pupils - and part of this clause in dispute applies only to teachers, parents, and volunteers, and the other part of the clause applies to pupils as well as the above-mentioned people. So it doesn't even make sense to say "this makes bullying okay" because so much of the clause is applied to people who can't even meet the definition of bullying!

    I do know that the other house of the Michigan legislature changed the law and took out that clause completely, so it is kind of a moot point now. It just bothers me especially that the media don't get their facts straight - and it happens with all sorts of things. I've decided to take everything the media says with a grain of salt or a whole tablespoonful, especially when it comes to legislation. :)

  8. @bluebonnetreads
    Given what I understand to be the history leading up to the law being developed, it's hard to say what the intent of the lawmakers was. You're right that it's important to be precise in one's wording--I see this all the time with media coverage of scientific study results and also many journalists' inability to understand statistics (says the former newspaper editor). But I also don't think it's unrealistic to get upset over a law's potential interpretation, if there's reason to believe the law would be interpreted that way. Or simply to get upset because the law is poorly/vaguely written.

    Having said that, I did try to find and link to an article that took a calm tone on the issue and provided some context for the creation of the law. I don't think productive conversation often comes from things written in anger by people who don't take the time to do their research. I prefer to write things in anger after doing extensive research ;)

  9. Congratulations!! That's a huge accomplishment! :D

  10. @Erin McNaughton
    Thanks! I'm pretty sure you'll be to 400 before I even reach 300 if you keep up your daily posting :) But with any milestone like this, it's fun to look back and say, wow, I've written a lot! And some of it is actually pretty good! :)


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