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Happy Birthday to Me: New Blog Design!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

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Happy Birthday to Me: New Blog Design! | Faith Permeating Life

I am so excited to share my new blog design with you! If you're using a feed reader, click through and check it out!

This is my birthday present to myself today. I felt like I'd hit a plateau and couldn't take my blog to the "next level," and I think the fact that I was still using a Blogger template was a big part of it. I will admit that I see a blogger as more of a newbie if they're still using a standard template, so I wanted to hold myself to a higher standard!

I owe a huge thank you to Amie at Completely Unfinished, who did the design. I basically just sent her a bunch of ramblings of my thoughts and she somehow translated them into the exact kind of design I had in my head. She was also super-patient with my requests to make changes until the pictures at the top were just right. She is still working on building up her portfolio, so her prices were incredibly reasonable. Check her out now before she gets super-famous and has to charge thousands of dollars! :)

I know what you're thinking: "Jessica, that's great that you got yourself a birthday present, but how can I make your birthday awesome?" Well, if you insist...

I would love if you would tell a friend about Faith Permeating Life! I get so many e-mails from people who felt alone in their views -- too liberal for their religious friends, or too Christian for their liberal friends, or both -- until they found this blog and the community of readers. I've also talked to a lot of people who grew up Catholic and left because of the doctrine, but miss it. I bet you can think of at least one person who you think would get something out of this blog. I'd love it if you'd send them the link!

Thanks to all of you whose wonderful thoughts, insights, advice, and stories make it worth writing on here three times a week. I hope you're having a fabulous week!


  1. Happy birthday to you! Also, redesign looks awesome! :)

  2. Happy birthday! Love the redesign - it looks amazing :)

  3. Thanks, everyone! I'm still tweaking it a bit, but very happy with it!

  4. Oh wow, I love it, looks fantastic! Happy Birthday!

  5. Congratulations Jessica! And happy birthday! I love the clean crisp design of your new blog layout with the soft pastel color that is very comfortable to the eyes.

    I have been following you for a while and totally relate to your approach to Catholicism. Thee is so much more I could share, but it would be too long for a comment. I am documenting my life story on my blog, and I am at the point where I am going to be talking about my faith. Keep an eye out for it. I have your button on my fellow bloggers page along with others. I do recommend your site too.


  6. I love your new layout! It's super duper cute. (Did I just say super duper...? Yup. I did.) I've been working on my own blog layout - and I think I did a good job for trying to figure it out on my own. Although I'm jealous of your "reply" buttons for comments!

  7. Happy birthday!!! It looks great!

  8. @Dave Keller
    Thanks, Dave! I'd love to read your thoughts about faith.

  9. @Emmy
    Yeah, I like the changes you've made to your site. The Reply buttons I actually added myself, following the directions here. I'm happy to help if you need help figuring out how to set them up!

  10. Hello. I'm new at your blog. You have awesome posts and very beautiful blog design :)

  11. @Javid S.
    Thanks! I'm glad you found my blog. I hope you'll leave your thoughts on future posts!


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