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The Happiness Project: December Is Boot Camp Month

Thursday, December 1, 2011

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The Happiness Project: December Is Boot Camp Month | Faith Permeating Life

Since you got no post last Thursday, you're getting two posts this Thursday!

(Or because the first of the month is on a Thursday. Whatever.)

You have all been patient accountability partners for me this year in completing my happiness project. I promise to do a wrap-up in January of what difference I think the happiness project has made in my life, but for now I've got one more month to get through.

First, let's talk about November.

As has been typical, my monthly goals (creating a plan to finish our art project and a more attractive meal planning system) were completed last-minute, but I'm OK with that; they were on my calendar not to prove I could complete things well in advance of the deadline, but to actually give myself a deadline for things I wanted to get done. Mike and I have a plan for finishing our art project, which might even get done by the end of the year (month). We'll see.

Inspired by my new blog design, I figured out that a clothesline with clothespins was a cute but functional way of displaying the weekly meal plan. This way I can clip recipe cards from my recipe binder, new recipes to try that I print off the Internet, or any of some pre-made cards that say things like "leftovers," "go out to eat," or "tacos" (which Mike doesn't need a recipe for). The magnetic shopping list pad and the prep calendar (e.g., Wednesday: Take chicken out of freezer) will remain on the fridge. I haven't put it all together yet, but when I do I will take a picture and share it.

Finally, I'm really glad I made myself do a 5-minute cleanup before bed. Having it on my nightly checklist not only gave me a push to do it, but also made me less irritated with Mike when things were messy because I felt more of a personal responsibility for picking things up, regardless of whose things they were. It's a good reminder that everyone's happier when things just get done, even if the way they get done isn't always "fair."

For December, I'm following Gretchen's suggested theme of "boot camp," which she explains in her book as the month where she tries to successfully complete all of her daily resolutions that she wants to carry into the next year. So here are all of the resolutions that I'll be trying to keep this month, with links to the months where I first started trying to do them:Besides all of these, I need to actually create my meal-planning setup and also buy some more layers with the gift card I got from my mother-in-law for my birthday.

Recently I posted on my blog's Facebook page a link to a great article that essentially says, if you want to be thinner and healthier, start acting like a thinner, healthier version of yourself today.

That's essentially what I'm doing with my happiness project: When I think about a happy version of myself, it's someone who takes care of herself physically, who has a positive and grateful attitude towards life, who takes small steps to prevent bad days, who maintains strong relationships with friends, who cultivates a strong spiritual relationship with her husband, and who tries to live in a clutter-free environment. I'm consciously taking actions now to build those into effortless habits.

January is a new year! Have you thought about starting a happiness project for 2012? What are some areas where you might create resolutions?


  1. Your posts this year have actually really inspired me. I'm on the waiting list to get this book from the library then I hope to start my own happiness project. Thanks for the recommendation and it's been great seeing how it has worked for you all year.

  2. @Brie
    Thanks! I'm happy to share any tips I can if you have questions about how I created/organized my happiness project. I hope you find it as helpful as I did!


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