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When Love Came Down

Sunday, December 25, 2011

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When Love Came Down | Faith Permeating Life

I've been thinking a lot about love these past few days.

Specifically, that love by itself is an abstract concept. Love is made manifest through relationships and through actions. We understand love because we see it and feel it.

On Thursday, I had the privilege of participating in the last-ever Love Drop. It was amazing to see how all it takes is a little direction (Love Drop picks a family in need) and support just comes pouring out from all over. People who didn't know each other and didn't even know the family worked together to make sure that they were going to be able to get through the winter and that Diomi had what she needed to be able to land another job.

Another awesome part of the day was that what started with a "let's try to meet up for lunch" tweet ended up with Emmy picking me up from my apartment and driving me two hours to the Drop. We'd never met in person before and yet she had no hesitation offering me a ride there because she is awesome.

On Friday morning I woke up having not seen Mike since Monday night because he went to Ohio to see his family for a few days, and then drove back Thursday night, slept at a rest stop, and went straight to work. So I went and surprised him at the restaurant he manages. He only had a few moments to chat with me, but apparently he told everyone I was there because his servers kept coming over to introduce themselves and tell me how much Mike says nice things about me. It made me feel like a queen!

Mike got home from work Friday afternoon in time to give us an hour together before we had to head to my parents' house for the weekend. We packed up the car, then opened the gifts Mike had brought home from his parents. I had completely forgotten I'd asked for a ZÜCA bag, so I was ridiculously excited to get that from my mother-in-law, and promptly unwrapped it and started wheeling it in circles around our apartment because I'm a huge dork, haha. I had also asked for the supplies to finally make to-go emergency kits for Mike and me (remember those?), and my father-in-law not only bought us two nice backpacks but had filled each one with everything we needed! It was pretty awesome.

Friday night I met up with a bunch of my friends from high school. As often happens around holidays, someone threw out an invitation via e-mail not knowing how many people would show up, and almost all the old gang ended up being able to go. I got to sit and catch up with quite a few of my friends, and marveled with one of them that we have all known each other for over ten years now. It's amazing to me that these relationships have stood the test of time, and that we all still love getting back together when we can. As I was driving back to my parents' house, I just kept saying, "Wow. I love my friends so much."

Yesterday was Christmas Eve. My family and I went to church, then came home and started preparing our traditional snack food dinner. My sister and I worked together on the mini-hot dogs in rolls, talking and laughing together. I feel very blessed because I didn't have a close relationship to either of my siblings growing up (my sister and I always got along, but she's 12 years younger so I was more of a mother figure for most of her life), and now I feel like in the past six months I've started to develop real friendships with both my brother and my sister. When Mike got home from work we ate our dinner and watched the hilarious AFV Holiday Special my mom had recorded. Then we commenced a half an hour of attempting to take a family photo, which spiraled in ridiculousness and uncontrollable laughter by the time we were done, and finally we sat around and opened gifts from one another.

I have felt so loved the past few days, and that has been what has really hit home for me what we are celebrating on Christmas. We are celebrating the moment when God's love was made manifest in a human being. When God showed us what love really meant by offering us a human relationship with Him and then demonstrating love, here on Earth, through His actions. What an amazing gift! God's love is too large for our human minds to fully grasp, but we can witness His love in the physical person of Jesus Christ, a love that resonates through our relationships and actions today.

Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas full of love and memories.


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