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11 Facts About Me You Probably Didn't Already Know

Thursday, January 19, 2012

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11 Facts About Me You Probably Didn't Already Know | Faith Permeating Life

Hello! I planned to have a really awesomely amazing post for you today, seeing as doing the SITS challenge is driving a bunch of people to my blog, but... I am sick and my brain is mush.

So instead you get to learn some new things about me. Hopefully you find this somewhat interesting.

Thanks again to Emmy for tagging me and making me feel special.

P.S. I am not posting the rules because I am going to break the rules. Especially rule #1, which is "You must post these rules."

11 Facts About Me:

1. I have always hated both gum and coffee. Thus I've successfully been considered strange as both a kid and an adult.

2. I stopped buying desserts and soda in college and now I'm so used to not having them that when we do end up with them somehow, they usually sit in our fridge or on our counter for forever. So I've been known to make myself eat chocolate just to get rid of it. It's very strange to me.

3. It really bugs me to feel my own breath on my skin. Thus I have to have a sheet over my arms when I sleep even if it's too hot to have it covering the rest of me.

4. I once tried to learn to speak Afrikaans because I was semi-dating a guy from South Africa. That didn't last long (the learning or the relationship).

5. I did, however, learn a song in Afrikaans, which I sang in front of most of my high school at our multicultural show. I still can't believe I actually did that. I don't do solos. My semi-boyfriend's mom said it was lovely. His dad said he couldn't understand a word.

6. Also, I took two semesters of guitar class in college and sang and played "Bless the Broken Road" at our end-of-the-year coffeehouse performance. Also can't believe I did that. I don't remember a single thing about playing the guitar now.

7. My engagement ring has the diamond from my grandma's engagement ring in it. My grandma died seven months after I started dating Mike, so she never got to meet him, but I know she would have loved him.

8. I had a fibroadenoma removed from my right breast when I was in college. Less than a year later, I had to have a lymphnode removed from my left armpit because it had been swollen and painful for an entire year. Neither one were cancerous, but it's made me paranoid about abnormalities on my body ever since.

9. Mike built a shelf that runs all the way across the top of our balcony door and put all our nonfiction books in it. I rearranged them all by color, which is completely unlike me because I like everything to be alphabetized. But I kind of love it.

UPDATE: By request, I dug out my camera and took a picture of it. The big black thing in the middle of the blue books is a speaker -- Mike has a home theater system.

Bookshelf with books in rainbow order

10. I have 4,765 songs in my iTunes, and almost all of them have the proper song title, artist, composer, year, and artwork attached. I spent the good part of a year painstakingly verifying this information online, and then I discovered there was software I could have bought that would have done it for me. Oh well.

11. I have a minor in French but after studying it for seven years still have only basic, basic conversational skills. I've been nagging myself for a few years to take advantage of our library's free online lessons, to take a class through my college, etc. and it just hasn't happened, so I finally decided to hire a private tutor. I decided it's worth committing money to something that I care about, and I will learn a lot faster with personalized feedback than in a class. I'm super nervous but also excited!

OK, now I will answer the questions that Emmy came up with.

1) Best 90's TV show?
"Clarissa Explains It All" (Wikipedia link here)

2) That one toy when you were a kid that rarely left your side.
I don't think I had one. I did love my Talking Whiz Kid, though.

3) What is your order at Starbucks (or if you don't go there, another restaurant of choice)?
Caramel apple cider, on the rare occasions I go there. (I don't drink coffee -- see above!)

4) What book are you currently reading? Are you enjoying it?
I am reading Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat about human-animal relationships. It's good, a little choppy, but I'm having a little trouble getting through it because I mostly read on my lunch hour, and it's not exactly a good book to read while you're eating.

5) What was the last movie you saw in theatres?
The Muppets! It was quite excellent.

6) It's the end of the day and you just got done with class/work/etc. What's your routine?
I walk 20 minutes to the train station, take a train into the suburbs, walk from the station to where my car is parked, and drive home. I get the mail, open the apartment door and yell hello to Mike, then hang up my bag, purse, and coat, take my shoes off, and go find Mike to give him a kiss if he hasn't already come over to greet me. I put my lunchbox on the kitchen counter so Mike will wash out the containers with the dinner dishes and put my water bottle on the couch next to my laptop. Then either we eat dinner, or I do Wii Fit, or I get on my computer. The end.

7) A big blizzard just hit and EVERYTHING is cancelled. What do you do with your day?
This happened last February and I honestly don't remember what we did except for digging the cars out (because I took pictures of that). I would probably do a lot of sleeping, reading, watching movies with Mike, and spending way too much time on the computer reading and commenting on blogs and watching the Twitter stream about the blizzard.

8) When something BIG happens who is the first person you call?
Mike. Unless it's something involving me and Mike, in which case I'd probably call one of my two best friends or my mom.

9) What is the one thing that can make you laugh EVERY TIME?
Having lunch with any of my friends. They are all awesome. Also this cracks me up for some reason every time I read it.

10) Your favorite part of the day?
Cuddling in bed with Mike. Sadly, this does not happen every day because I like to stay up late on my weekend nights (Friday and Saturday) and he likes to stay up late on his (Tuesday and Wednesday). But when it happens, it's my favorite :)

11) One fact you want me to know about you.
Hey, didn't I just tell you 11 facts about me? Hm, how about: I would not be able to do half the stuff I do at my job without Google. I work with Excel all the time and have probably Googled how to fill all blank cells in a range with a specific value like... 10 times.

Now I am going to be a rebel and not come up with 11 questions of my own and tag 11 people because, as Lozzz said, many of the people I would tag have already been tagged (some multiple times), and the rest would probably not do it.

But if you feel so inclined, go ahead and share one fact about yourself in comments!


  1. Clarissa Explains it All was a pretty awesome show if I do say so myself.

  2. @Emily Hornburg
    Yup, I loved it. I wonder if I would still like it if I watched it now :)

  3. I don't like gum or coffee either! I hate the taste of coffee, and gum just annoys me because I get sick of it after chewing for about a minute.

  4. Nah, I think I'll just do a blog post. :D

  5. @Katie
    I've started to like the smell of coffee more, but I still don't like the taste at all. And I hate the taste of gum, no matter what flavor is on top of it. I hated that when I was little the dentist or whoever would always want to give me bubble-gum flavored stuff. Yuck.

  6. @Mórrígan
    Awesome! I enjoyed learning lots of facts about you :)

  7. I love your bookshelf! It is so pretty!

  8. Ahhh! I am totally going to be learning Afrikaans one day. My best friend is South African, and I completely intend to visit her -- I want to be able to speak the language a bit when I go.

    I also might want to totally do that to my bookshelf one day.

  9. @Tabitha
    Sweet! I liked the language a lot; it's kind of like German but prettier-sounding, I think :)

  10. I'll do a blog post too, why not? :)


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