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Liebster Blog Award: 5 Awesome Bloggers

Friday, January 13, 2012

Pin It Now!

I've had quite a week of feeling special in the blogosphere! First Emmy tagged me in the 11 questions game, which was the first time I'd ever by tagged by anybody for anything (that I know of, anyway). That post is forthcoming, once I can come up with 11 semi-interesting facts about myself that you don't already know.

Then I got an even bigger surprise when Macha presented me with a blog award.

Liebster Blog Award

This just floored me because the Liebster blog award, from what I can tell, is given to those bloggers you want to sincerely thank for the work they've done or the impact they've had on you. What a huge honor! Macha wrote some really nice things about me that you can read on her page if you're so inclined.

I mean, really, you should check out her blog regardless, because she's awesome and would totally be on my list of nominations if she hadn't already received the award.

The best part is that I now have the opportunity to select five bloggers whose writing has influenced my life and to thank them by passing this award on. I also read on some other blogs that this award is intended for blogs with smaller followings (some say under 100 followers, some say under 300), so going off Google Reader's subscription stats, these folks all fit the stipulations.

On to the nominations!

'Becca of The Earthling's Handbook. Just in case you guys haven't heard me fangirl enough about 'Becca, I'll tell you why she's awesome. Her site is full of practical tips about everything, and she actually provides detailed enough information to make it useful. I also resonate with her philosophies, especially about parenting and environmentalism, so she's been a role model for me in that way. I'm so glad she found my blog, and I'm definitely a better person for it!

Emmy of Love Woke Me Up This Morning. Emmy is such a positive person. She just has this exuberance for life that makes me smile every time I see a new post from her. From reading her blog, I've always felt that she embraces everything about herself, from her love of Harry Potter and Glee to her thoughts, joy, and questions about her faith, and she genuinely cares about other people, as evidenced through her posts and her passionate involvement in Love Bomb and Love Drop. I had the privilege of meeting her in person when she drove me to the final Love Drop in December, and I feel blessed to call her my friend!

Jorah of Diary of a Dying Girl. How often do you become deeply invested in another blogger's life? With Jorah, it's impossible not to -- she sucks you in from the get-go with her amazingly beautiful, honest, raw, heartbreaking writing and her crazy interesting life. I have spent an entire day just trying to come up with the right thing to comment on her blog. She's had a huge impact on me, from prodding me to be more raw and honest on here, to constantly reflecting on whether I'd be happy with what I'm doing with my life if I knew I would die in a few years. Seriously: Go read her blog.

Rabbit of The Adventures of Rabbit and Turtle. Rabbit has been reading this blog almost since the beginning -- I think she was one of my first 10 followers. She's tackled some of the more difficult posts I've written with responses on her own blog, from a 2-part response to my "Adoption and Selfishness" post to an honest reflection on my 9/11 anniversary post. Her perspective as a Byzantine Catholic has helped me sharpen my own thoughts about my identity and beliefs as a Roman Catholic. Much of her blog is providing updates on her life and keeping herself accountable on her goals, and that reminds me to keep myself transparent and leverage this blog as a way to make sure I follow through on my goals.

Jackie of Blueberries for Me. Jackie writes another one of the few blogs I've found of fellow Catholics who aren't crazy conservative. She's intelligent and writes clearly and calmly. Many of her posts are challenging, thought-provoking, and refreshingly honest. For example, Being disappointed in the poor, Boobs, and I know how the innkeeper felt. These are the kinds of posts that stick with me and find their way into conversations I have over dinner with family and friends. But she also mixes in posts that are practical, instructional, or just fun. If you like my blog, I think you will like hers.

Those I've nominated, if you choose to participate, you also get to nominate five bloggers to pass the award to.

The rules are:
1. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
2. Reveal your top 5 picks for the award and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3. Post the award on your blog.
4. Bask in the love from the most supportive people on the blogsphere – other bloggers.
5. And best of all – have fun and spread the karma.

Thanks again to Macha for the nomination!


  1. Oh my goodness!!!! I was so surprised to see my email this morning, I thought it was a spam type thing at first, but then I came here and saw this post. Thank you so much! While I don't consider myself a big blogger or "one to follow," you've definitely helped me feel better about what I write and do, that it matters to someone besides myself. Thank you again!!

  2. hi hi. I'm running a valentine's day giveaway competition on my blog.if you like writing poems,why don't give it a shot! :D

    the more the merrier! ho ho

  3. Just received my Liebster blog award also. I am now following you on GFC. I would love for you to visit, follow back and maybe even link up on my linky party.
    Marcie @ I Gotta Try That


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