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A Resource Guide to Christianity and Homosexuality

Sunday, January 8, 2012

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  1. I bookmarked this post too. Thank you for the resources. The Single Dad Laughing Post, "I'm Christian unless you're gay" is very POWERFUL and shows that discrimination is so widely spread. Discrimination is a form of hate.

    The John Shore blog is also excellent!

  2. this is very good read.
    it's refreshing and not cynical.

  3. @Macha
    Thanks! I knew you'd have some good ones to contribute. I'll add these to the main list when I get home today.

  4. @Dave Keller
    The "I'm Christian unless you're gay" post is amazing, isn't it? All the responses just blow me away. It encourages me to keep writing, even if I could affect just one person like that.

    John Shore can be intense, but he's got some really good stuff!

  5. :D. This is awesome. What about New Ways Ministry (http://www.newwaysministry.org/)

  6. This is a most wonderful post. I feel like you: being Christian and an LGBTQ ally are not a contradiction in any way at all. In fact, I have long believed that if Jesus were walking among us today, his circle of closest friends would include homosexuals (after all, didn't he hang with the tax collectors, prostitutes and lepers?). Anyhoo, I think you are wonderful for sharing your thoughts here and I'm going to tweet a link to this post.

  7. @Sandra Kohlmann
    Thanks for the tweet and for your comment! I agree; when I read the Gospels, I just can't imagine Jesus saying, "Oh, you're gay, I'm going to avoid you and tell you how terrible you are for embracing who you are." He told us the two most important commandments are loving God and loving each other, period. So that is what I strive for in everything. Glad to find others doing the same :)

  8. No one has scripturally made the case the God condones or blesses homosexual behavior. In fact its just the opposite.

    Love is only real love with truth. It is not loving to let people stay in sinful behavior.

    1. I'm fascinated by the fact that you didn't click on a single link here (according to my StatCounter), and yet somehow you already know that none of these writers scripturally made a case for loving gay people.

      Read through the articles, watch the videos, and then we can talk about why you think they're all wrong.

    2. Jessica I have studied this issue quite extensively. The links here are not the only links to peoples attempts at justifying homosexual behavior. There has yet a case to be made that God condones and/or blesses homosexual behavior and quite a bit of scriptural support against it.

      Don't get me wrong, I think everyone should be treated with respect and Christs table is open to all, but its damaging, hurtful and scripturally incorrect to suggest that homosexual behavior in any form is not sinful. It may be an uncomfortable truth for some but lying to someone is a hateful act.

    3. You say "there has yet a case to be made..." and yet you refuse to read the arguments here, citing previous ones you've read. This says to me that because you have not yet read what you feel is a compelling scriptural argument, you assume there will never be one and you can ignore all future attempts to make one. It saddens me that you so vehemently refuse the possibility of God changing your heart on this issue.

  9. Jessica the links to the arguments are not new and exclusive to this blog. I have read them, studied them and debated them. I do not take this position lightly. all that I have seen have either tried to dismiss biblical text, reword it, add to it, play word games with it, add straw man arguments, add red herrings and try and draw ridiculous parallels.

    I am still open to hear any new arguments that arise. Since you are, I assume, very familiar with the resources you linked, can you give me a simple list of the arguments you believe support that God condones and/or blesses homosexual behavior? I will be happy to respond to them.

    1. If I thought that the effort I would put into compiling a thorough summation of all the resources listed here would change your heart, it would be worth it for me to do so, but it's clear to me that you want only to be presented with arguments for the pleasure of shooting them down and proving that you are right, and that's not a conversation I care to indulge.

      It is not a matter of creating a "simple list." It's not your cherry-picked list of Bible verses vs. my list. This is a matter that goes to the core of how we each read and understand the whole of Scripture and what we each believe the key messages are about how to live a Christian life.

      The reason I chose to compile a resource guide rather than simply writing a blog post about this issue is that fully explaining my viewpoint requires covering everything from the historical context of particular Bible verses, to the meaning of words in their original language, to their consideration in the broader context of Scripture, to how we resolve conflicting verses, to how the Bible was constructed in the first place, to what it truly means to model our lives after Jesus, to what our responsibilities are as Christians, and so on, and all of these things have been debated extensively outside of the discussion of homosexuality as well as in relation to it. I have resolved them in the way that makes the most sense to me given everything I know, and you have clearly done the same to reach an entirely different conclusion.

      I don't see any value coming from continuing this conversation further at this time. Since it appears to be important to you to get the last word (both here and on Rachel's blog), I assume you will respond, but I do not expect I will continue the conversation any further.

    2. So in other words you cannot present a scriptural case that God condone and/or blesses homosexual behavior. Therefore you should stop deceiving people.

      If anyone really want to understand what the bible really says about homosexuality here is the best resource that even its critics laud in its presentation and scriptural conclusions:


  10. Thanks so much for providing these resources and engaging these issues. I will be checking out your site in the next few days.

  11. I'd love to hear how Anonymous rationalizes that its damaging, hurtful and scripturally incorrect to suggest that homosexual behavior in any form is not sinful. I'll be more clear and direct. How is the union of 2 consenting adults of the same sex damaging and hurtful? What aspect of your life is harmed by their happiness together? Do you lose sleep at night thinking about what they're doing at night? hmm...

    The point of all of this is that people are hurting. They are suffering. In some cases they are dying, and for what? So that some faceless guy behind an internet pseudonym can make himself look like the big man? The guy who's got it all right? The guy who is clearly a cut above the rest of us.

    Don't you think that if homosexuality were such a big deal, that maybe, just maybe Jesus would have mentioned it at some point? Maybe "The greatest commandment is to love God with all your heart, mind, and soul. The second is to love your neighbor, and the third is don't be gay"?

    The bible, believe it or not, is not the authoritative book on human sexuality. It's not even...brace yourself...ABOUT human sexuality. It's about God's love for mankind.

    And if you're confused about what love is, I'll give you a cherry-picked scripture: Love does no harm to a neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law. Romans 13:10 -- No harm to a neighbor. Something to think about.


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