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7 Quick Takes Friday: The Moving Edition

Friday, June 29, 2012

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7 Quick Takes Friday: The Moving Edition | Faith Permeating Life

— 1 —

Just popping in with some quick updates! Even though I know taking this break from blogging is the right thing for my sanity right now, it still hurts to see my subscriber count dropping. Please stay! I promise to pick back up again with even more awesome content once we're all settled in our new place.

— 2 —

Mike has been fabulous these past few weeks. He finished up with work before we left for vacation, and he's just been a man on a mission with getting stuff done. Between trying to get stuff done at home, wrapping up my responsibilities at work, and waiting to hear about a job I interviewed for, keeping my stress level in check has been a challenge. It's a big weight off my mind to be able to turn things over to Mike and have them all just get done.

— 3 —

We've been going through each of our rooms to figure out what to keep and what to donate. I was pleasantly surprised to find that we don't actually have that much clutter. We did still end up with boxes for the Goodwill, but a lot of it was "We could do without this" rather than "Wow, I can't believe we still have this." This is one of the benefits of living in a small space (and, obviously, that we've only been here three years), and I know it won't be this easy to keep things manageable once we have a house.

— 4 —

Also, a big reason for the lack of clutter in our apartment was that most of our "extra" stuff was in my parents' basement in storage, and going through that was a bit more time-consuming. Since we'll be moving into an apartment about the size of our current one, maybe a bit smaller, we're going to rent a storage space for the things we want long term but don't need every day: Family things that will go in a future house, seasonal items (decorations, our giant box of costumes), and childhood keepsakes. I've been pretty ruthless in getting rid of stuff -- no point in moving things across the country unless we really need them!

— 5 —

As part of sorting through my old stuff in storage, I went through ALL of my old school papers; my mom had a bin for each year I was in school. I managed to condense all my old school papers down into three medium-sized containers: PreK-8, high school, and college. Boy, did it bring back memories to go through those. It pained me when I saw poorly graded assignments, like my first-grade teacher "correcting" the word definitely to have an "a" in it. Teachers wrote notes in the margins slamming my grammatical mistakes that I now know are actually style choices. There was the teacher who had us fill out our favorites (color, food, TV show, etc.) on the first day and then gave us the same form at the end of the year, marking as wrong any favorites that had changed. Now that I know better and have a voice for myself, you can bet I will be that angry parent calling up my own children's teachers to point out these problems when my children come home with their graded assignments!

— 6 —

I feel incredibly grateful for all the people who have offered to help us with the move. A friend is helping us pack tomorrow, and another friend is helping us load the moving truck. We're staying with friends and family along the way out there, and when we arrive, my parents and aunt and uncle will be there to help us unload. It makes me feel super loved and cared for!

— 7 —

I decided (and talked with Mike about) how much I want to share about where we're going to be for the next few years. The job Mike accepted is for a residence hall director on a university campus. This means we will be living in an apartment within a residence hall, which means free housing and a meal plan (yay!). Being back on a campus will be an interesting experience; the college I've worked at for the past three years is in downtown Chicago so it's not really a traditional campus. The job is going to be a WAY better fit for him than his restaurant manager position, and I'm super excited about it!


  1. Going through and finding all of the stuff to go to Goodwill always feels nice. Now the parents' house, I'll have to tackle that sometime later...

    1. Yeah, that's definitely taken the biggest chunk of our moving prep time, but I'm glad to finally have so much of it thinned out down to the essentials. There are probably a few things we won't get to, but thankfully we will be back at some point in the next year (before my parents plan to move) and can still go through some stuff.

  2. A) take all the time you need. moving across country is insanity. i pretty much lived in chaos, and that was just moving myself from my parents' home to my first apartment. i can't imagine packing up two people, an apartment, and going through what is left in storage. B) what is up with the assignment being marked down because you changed throughout the year? that's just poor practice, not to mention hurtful. C) mike's job sounds awesome! glad to hear you're both excited about the opportunity!

    1. A) Yeah, it's a little bit insane. I think we will get everything packed up OK, but we need to sell our car and find a new home for our rats in the next week, and that is making me panic a bit. I just keep reminding myself to trust, trust, trust.
      B) That was one of our teachers in the gifted program, and he basically spent three years doing everything he could to make us feel as stupid and incompetent as possible.
      C) We are! It's going to be great for him. I'm confident that I can find something just as good a fit for me as well, eventually.

  3. SO EXCITING!!!!!!! While I hate moving and packing, sometimes it's nice to go through stuff and figure out what you actually need and don't need. Sometimes I feel like I need to do that more often!

    1. Yeah, thankfully I have done some sweeps (at least through our apartment) in the past few years, which has helped a lot. But it's still tons to go through!


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