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Blog Comment Carnival: June 2012

Saturday, June 30, 2012

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Blog Comment Carnival: June 2012 | Faith Permeating Life

At the end of every month, I share my favorite comments from that month's posts, and you're invited to do the same and link up below!

This month has been a bit lighter than usual because of job searching/vacation/moving craziness. However, I still had lots of great comments to pick from!

The post On (Not) Being Forced into a STEM Field resonated with several of you.

Queen of Carrots said:
If someone tried to tell me I "ought" to go into a field that would be a pretty good way to make me steer clear of it. Who wants to base their life choices on evening up the statistics?
I liked math, but I liked law better and I'm still happy with that choice, although I have since discovered a passion for neurology that will probably always go unrequited.
My sister is an engineer, because she loves it, but she does sometimes seem a bit uncomfortable with being the *girl* engineer, as if it mattered.

And Katie made a few excellent points:
I majored in English because it was my favorite subject, but I do like math. (Not science, though- I hate science.) It's so funny- even though I took two AP calculus classes in high school and placed out of math in college, everyone who has met me since high school assumes that since I majored in English, I must hate/be bad at math. As if you can't like both!

I think a lot of people forget that in the long run, your college major really doesn't matter that much. Employers want to see that you have a bachelor's degree but aren't always so concerned with what the degree is in. In my field (college textbook publishing), we have a lot of English majors, but I've worked with people who have majored in everything from business to political science to Spanish to math, and don't necessarily work on textbooks in the same discipline in which they majored. I know plenty of people who majored in some kind of liberal arts and went into business. I had a roommate who majored in nursing and is now a lawyer. My dad majored in early childhood education and he's worked in commercial property management for about thirty years. So, in a nutshell- you should major in what you like. It's not worth wasting college on a major you hate.

On A Split-Second Prioritization Technique, Lozzz123 said:
I definitely need to write something down or it leaves my brain. I find my calendar program on my computer extremely helpful - but again, if I forget to add an item it's unlikely I'll remember it! I like your idea of doing the thing that doesn't have a visual reminder if sidetracked. I think I might have to start doing that too!

I shared my crazy exercise class experiences in I Always Wanted to Be a Dancer... and several people could relate!

Gina also finds choreographed aerobics difficult:
This is funny. I picked up swing dancing in high school and college, and actually got pret good. I competed, went to conferences all over the west coast, taught lessons to earn extra cash, the whole shebang.

But when I go in to a step aerobics class, I look like a world class moron.

I don't know. Something about this stiffness of the choreography just doesn't mesh with my body and it's abilities.

I can handle Zumba classes just fine, and I work out a lot of other ways, but choreographed aerobics? It is beyond me.

And Lozzz123 had a much grosser experience:
The most recent one I took was a boxercise class. It had aerobics which were slightly confusing but fine, but the boxing part got me. Yes it was hard, but mostly the germaphobe in me did not enjoy using sweaty public boxing gloves. The thought still makes me grimace!

Finally I announced some Big News! The moving tips I got were greatly appreciated!

Melbourne on my mind said:
How exciting!!!!! In some ways, it's probably better that you have less time thanks to your holiday - I know that I'd spend the extra time repeatedly wondering if it was the right decision, and then packing and unpacking stuff a hundred times!

You'd think after moving as much as I have that I'd have tips. But all I can think of right now is to set up a bunch of roadtrip playlists and to get hold of one of those doohickeys that lets you play your iPod through the radio. Because moving vans tend to not have CD players or auxiliary ports...

Alice suggested:
Yay! Yay for cross country moves! My biggest advice as someone who's done it before is pack one or two "essential boxes" In these boxes, I put everything that I was going to need right away as soon as I moved in to my apartment. A couple super comfy outfits, a pot and a pan, my blankets, a radio, my favorite show on DVD, things like that. That way I didn't have to run around like a crazy woman trying to find what I *needed* for those first days or felt like I was in silence. It was right there. Then I felt like I was able to unpack more or less at my leisure since what the essentials were already at my fingertips. I'm pretty sure that it helped to reduce my stress that first little bit.

And other Alice said:

The other Alice already gave the main advice I was going to (set aside a few 'essentials' boxes to pack up last and unpack first, and be sure to include things like scissors, a flashlight, and other unpacking 'tools').

Other advice:
- consider getting a cheapie hotel for your last night, or treat your last night as 'camping', with only an air mattress, bare essentials, etc. (I was tempted to pack my bed up last once, since I had no air mattress and didn't want to sleep on the floor. Never again.)
- depending on your amount of stuff, consider buying boxes new from Uhaul or some other place - if you have a lot of books or other things that will need to be boxed up, packing a truck is WAY easier if your boxes are all of modular sizes, as opposed to a mishmash of free boxes from all over.

Good luck!

Thanks to all of you for your support and encouragement as Mike and I go through this crazy transition time. I'm looking forward to more great posts (and your amazing comments) soon!


  1. I really need to try and limit the number of comments I put into my carnival posts. Because they just keep getting longer and longer, and it's starting to get a little out of control!! Oh well...

    Hope the packing/moving/job hunting is going well! :)

    1. That's OK -- I love your comment posts! The comments you post always crack me up, and I don't mind reading all of them!


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