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A Fun Note from 1912

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

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More timely thoughts from my great-grandfather's writings:
About 1911 I went on my first real job as a pressfeeder at Quincy Box & Printing Co. owned by my brother-in-law. I advanced to operating the big presses and had the responsibility of running off a weekly newspaper. I recall writing the date 12/12/12 as often as possible as it could not be written again for 100 years.

Happy 12/12/12!


  1. That's so awesome!! Somehow, I don't think the essay that I spent today writing will prove anywhere near as memorable...

    1. Yeah, I don't think even wrote the date today on anything...

  2. That's so cool!

    Although, that's true of every date- none of them can be written again for 100 years. 12/12/12 is just a really cool one. :) Remember when 7/7/07 was a popular wedding date because it was a Saturday and had three lucky 7s?

    1. I think what else is special about 12/12/12 is that it marks the last time for a while that consecutive numbers can be written like that, since there is no 13/13/13. So it won't be until January 1, 2101 that the date is three of the same number again!


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