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2013's Vision Board plus One Word

Friday, January 4, 2013

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2013's Vision Board plus One Word

Because my vision board went well in 2012, I decided it was worth taking a little time to make a new one for 2013.

This time, though, I didn't pick pictures to illustrate specific goals, but used the broader idea of an overall vision of what I want my life to be like (how you're "supposed" to do a vision board). And to guide this overall picture, I decided to focus on a single word.

This is something I've seen, particularly in the Christian blogosphere, for several years now, and I just learned from Danielle's post that this comes from a project called One Word 365. The idea, as far as I gather, is to choose a single word that sums up where you want your focus to be for the next year.

My word came to me some time in December, before I'd even decided to do the One Word thing for 2013. It came, as many of my best ideas do, during prayer in church.

My word for 2013 is PEACE.

When I finished my happiness project in 2011, I noted that while I wasn't sure if I was "happier," I was definitely more at peace. I was calmer, I had more patience, and I felt more content.

I need to get back there.

When I started my new job at the beginning of November, I was overwhelmed with anxiety. I feared that I'd be in over my head, that I wouldn't be able to do the work, that I'd be immediately pegged as a bad fit. That didn't happen, but so much of what I'd been told about my new job turned out not to be true, and my anxiety gave way to anger, and finally, to a kind of dull dread, combined with tiredness and frustration.

My job has gotten somewhat better, but the feeling of being unsettled hasn't gone away. And the stress is clearly taking a toll on me, as my cycles have been out-of-whack every since I started my new job.

I'm not sure whether "peace" this year will mean making peace with where I am in my life -- focusing on my enormous blessings of living in a place I love with a great marriage and great friends -- or making big changes to how I spend my time. Either way, it will probably require a combination of therapy, exercise, and prayer.

I do know that we are not too far away from starting the adoption process, and while I know that (statistically) that will probably take a few years, I want to reclaim that peace before becoming a parent. I need to re-dig out that well of patience from which to draw before I put that patience to the (ultimate) test.

So I've made myself a new vision board with images evoking a peaceful life. Whatever shape it may take, that's what I plan to move toward in 2013.

What form do your goals take this year? A list, a word, an image?


  1. I've been seeing this idea of one word for the year a lot. I see it every year, but I feel it's more prominent this year. Part of me feels like it would be good for me to find one word to really focus on. The other part of me is all "HOW CAN YOU SUM UP A WHOLE YEAR IN ONE WORD???? THAT'S CRAZY TALK!" It's something I'm thinking about though. I think "peace" is a good one - I know it's something I need to work on. However, there are a lot of things I need to work on. Haha. Can't wait to hear about your 2013 board though!

    1. Thanks! I don't think it's so much summing up the year in a word, as helping yourself focus for the the year. I've seen similar recommendations to limit your list of goals to only a few so that your attention isn't scattered and you have more chance of success. We'll see how it works for me this year!

  2. Love the word you chose and that you're participating in the community this year! It's my first time, too. Here's to a peaceful year for you!

    1. Thanks, and I hope this year allows you to thrive! :)


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