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Everyday Grace: Striving to Be a Better Partner

Friday, July 5, 2013

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One of the requests I sometimes get is to talk more about my flaws and mistakes. Today I'm sharing one of the ways that I continually struggle to be a good partner to Mike. It's about a default pattern of communication I have that is neither loving nor constructive.

You can find the post over at MichelleDeRusha.com today. It's part of her Friday guest post series during the month of July on the theme of "everyday grace." Be sure to check out the rest of Michelle's blog for great reflections on faith and life!

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  1. I just finished reading a great brand new book I hope all are blessed by as I have been called "The Wholehearted Wife: 10 Keys to a More Loving Relationship," by Erin, Greg and Gary Smalley. It is centered on changing ME and aligning myself with God and what he wants from me as a wife. Biblical, inspirational, affirming. One of my favorite quotes is, "When we turn to God for help, he fills us with his love and enables us to see ourselves and our husbands through his eyes. Keep in mind that a wholehearted wife focuses first on her own heart!" I highly recommend it! http://www.tyndale.com/The-Wholehearted-Wife/9781624051463#.U50Tx14Q7wJ


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