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Sunday, September 1, 2019

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Hey hey! Just on the off chance some of you still have this old blog in your feed readers, I wanted to tell you about a new project I've launched. It's a podcast called Blessed Are the Feminists. My co-host and I interview a different guest on each episode talking about their life experiences with Christianity and feminism. It's intended to move the conversation beyond the theoretical and theological questions about "Can women preach?" and "Should men be the head of the household?" to ask questions about how everyday feminists navigate dating, family, work, activism, and everything else through the lens of their identities of Christian and feminist, and how these intersect with sexual orientation, race, gender identity, (dis)ability, and more.

You can listen on blessedarethefeminists.com or search "Blessed Are the Feminists" in your favorite podcast app. If you have a suggestion for a future guest, there's a form on the site to submit your ideas!

I'm excited to have a new format to explore these important ideas, and hope you'll consider subscribing!

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  1. Hi Jessica, not sure if you're still checking this blog. I may be late, but I'm so glad I found it! It's such a relief to read your take on different aspects of the Catholic faith that honestly seem at odds with the love Jesus wants us to have for each other. Especially the NFP and LGBT posts - I finally feel like I'm not crazy anymore! Thank you for keeping this site alive, I can't wait to read every single post :)


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